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    Women’s Watches

    Women’s watches come in several varieties, ranging from classy and formal to fun, funky and dressed down. When selecting your watch, there are several aspects beyond function to consider; watchband, color, and shape being three of the most important.

    There is a large range of variability in the available watchbands for women, depending on the type of watch you prefer. A formal watch’s watchband may be a sleek silver band, or it may be completely concealed within a bracelet. Jewelry watches may have crystals on the band, or may have a fun pattern to add a little bit of edge to the fancy and formal watches. More dressed-down and informal watches have the option of fun color bands that may be interchangeable.

    Another aspect of your watch that should be considered is the color, both of the band and the face of the watch itself. There are fun colors available, from bright pink, blue, purple or green to more traditional bands of silver, gold, and black. You may chose to have a rather subtle or normal color for either the band or face and a more exotic color for the other. For example you could have a traditional brushed metal watch face on a more fashion-forward band with pearl or crystal inlays.

    Finally, a fun way to choose a unique watch is to find a slightly different shape or style. Instead of a normal band maybe you could pick one that pulls in toward the face and gives an almost bow-shape to the watch, or there are watchbands that are wider than traditional ones. The face itself can be different sizes, perhaps a smaller circle contained within a larger square and on a fun and quirky band. Even a subtle change in the style or shape of the watchband or watch face can make a boring traditional watch fun, interesting and unique.

    Men’s Watches

    While fashion and accessories are often considered a women’s forte, men can have fun with them as well. Men are no longer stuck with boring traditional watches that all look the same. Today’s men have almost as many options available to them as women when it comes to watches.

    In terms of selecting a timepiece that is both unique and personal, many of the rules are the same for men as they are for women. Look at the band, the face and the color, and mix and match to find just the right watch for you. Unlike women, however, men’s watches tend to come in only two styles: sporty and dressy.

    Like women’s watches, it may be possible to wear a dressier watch on a less dressy occasion by simply pairing it with a more casual outfit. Also like women’s watches it may be harder to make a sporty watch look fancy if it does not already have that fancy flare to it. Trying to dress up a watch with a multi-colored face or a skull pattern may not go over so well, so make sure you consider this when purchasing your watch.

    Unlike with women’s watches there are far fewer options in terms of the actual shape of the watch face; most men’s watches stick to the classic circular face with a regular band. However men’s watches also tend to have more variety in their watch faces in that there are a variety of dials that may be included on a man’s watch. Some watches will have only your basic hour, minute and second hand, whereas some will also have 24-hour clocks and/or date dials included on the face of the watch. Be sure you understand what all the dials are for before purchasing a watch you cannot read!

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    Different Between Sapphire And Ruby

    Color of Rubies and Sapphires

    The properties of both stones are undefined: they both rate an 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, they both have a refractive record of 1.747 – 1.769 and they both have a particular gravity of 3.98 – 4.0.

    The main distinction between ruby and sapphire gemstones is color. Rubies are red and all other corundum color varieties are known as sapphires. Corundum sapphires have different colors including blue, orange, pink, and yellow, while rubies are just red in color. Moreover, some white sapphires are so pale in look that they can without much of a stretch be mistaken for a diamond at a glance.

    The thing is the different between pink sapphires and light red rubies are unclear. There are no particular principles on what shade of red constitutes (a ruby) and what shade of pink constitutes (a sapphire). In which some of the jewelry sellers take possession of these foggy difference and offer pink corundum gemstones as light rubies.

    Availability and Price Differences between Rubies and Sapphires

    Genuine rubies are to some degree uncommon, particularly the very attractive dull dark red rubies. Sapphires are more common than rubies and they are much found in carat sizes that surpass the size of most ruby gemstones. The distinctions in the accessibility between natural rubies and sapphires directly affect the price difference between these two gemstones. If in doubt, rubies are valued much higher than sapphire gemstones.

    Different Meaning of Rubies and Sapphires

    While both stones are for all intents and purposes the same, they have totally distinctive meaning:

    Rubies are associated with strong zeal, good fortunes, protection from a setback, and individual motivation. The ruby is the great birthstone of December and birthstone of July.

    Sapphires are connected with endowments, divine information, truthfulness and unwaveringness. The sapphire is the great birthstone of April and the cutting edge birthstone of September.

    Metaphysical property of Rubies and Sapphires

    In addition to the exceptional implications associated with gemstones, there are many who trust that the unique vigorous marks of these stones give metaphysical properties of both stones. For example, the “follow your bliss” kind of vitality rubies own is prized for its capacity to detoxify the blood and fortify the circulatory framework. Blue sapphires, on the other hand, are thought to quiet over movement in the body and get rid of stress.

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    Long Tassel Necklaces For Women

    They are versatile

    The tassel necklaces for women add instant polish to a look whether formal or casual. They offer an effortless way of looking cool in whichever outfit you have and a few will help you make a fashion statement every time.

    They have a vintage element to them

    This is considering that the tassel-like attachments were popular back in the 70s and today nothing makes you stand out more that throwing in a throwback item to your retro glam look. You will actually find necklaces with modern elements such as crystals and shiny beads to help you add that vintage element with a stylish twist to it.

    They add a beautiful swing with every step you take

    Women love looking their best and just like high heels make walking appealing; the tassel necklace will also add the same grace to your move thanks to the swing of the tassel. This kind of wing makes your look come alive and actually makes you get noticed. If you love a little attention, then you should go for them.

    You can choose your ideal length

    Tassel necklaces can be really long and this gives you the freedom to choose how far you want them to fall. Some are actually designed to be easy to adjust so that you can achieve the right length depending on the outfit you choose to wear. You can select a length that will complement your neckline so you have an easier time wearing your favorite scoop tee, strapless maxi dress or knit top. The choice is really yours when it comes to the tassel necklaces.

    These necklaces add color pop

    This is simply because the break the gold and silver trend of pendants. If you are a more daring type, you can go for colored tassels including taupe and burgundy. You get to play around with the tones depending on your outfit to effortlessly achieve a chic, elegant but cool look in a tassel necklace. They are a great way of bringing to life a dull to neutral colored outfit and to tone down a shouting outfit.

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    Anniversary Jewelry for Men

    Watches are excellent anniversary gifts for men. What piece of jewelry couldn’t be more made more masculine and yet still allow for the special touch of an inscribed underside with a loving message? Lots of watches will do, but if you want to add an inscription you will have to buy metal. Watch metals are typically aluminum or steel alloys, but the more expensive watches are made from platinum, titanium, gold or silver alloys. There are plenty of name brands that you can purchase to add to the prestige of the gift, but a watch picked up from the local jewelry store can still contain all the elements of a good quality watch without the expense of a name brand.

    Anniversary rings are also popular gifts for men. They may also be exchanged between a couple that is celebrating their anniversary. These rings help to cement the relationship and renew the affirmation of commitment between the couple. These rings are also often inscribed on the inside with a message of love and affection for the lucky man. A slightly more decorative ring may be substituted and unusual rings that correlate to the man’s zodiac sign or rings that are engraved on the outside with special designs, such as the Celtic ring are becoming popular.

    Some more adventurous men wear an earring or have a piercing. Getting them a special piece of jewelry to wear in this way can help to make the anniversary gift unique. When looking for this type of jewelry you’ll need to rely on your instincts for what you’ll think he likes. Is he into unusual designs or a plain stud earring? Is he allergic to certain metals? After all you don’t want to get him a piece of jewelry only to find he won’t wear it because it irritates his skin.

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    Presenting Diamond Watch

    Diamond watches have always received attention from ladies. This fancied form of carbon, called diamond, has been ever blessed to relish the company of the ladies. You can ride on the ladies’ fondness for the diamond to get close to her heart. Get a wrist watch embellished with genuine diamonds. Diamond studded watches are perfect to be worn on all occasions, giving the lady a sophisticated look. Moreover, diamond gifts are always for someone very special and a diamond watch will keep the lady reminding of your feelings for her.

    There are online stores offering an extensive selection of diamond watches. With them, you can get diamond watches exuding style, elitism and exclusivity, which will be an unforgettable gift for a loved one. Maintaining an ideal balance of art and functionality, diamond watches will act as an extension of your beloved’s personality.

    Ceramic watches are also an option. It is a high endurance and scratch resistant material that makes a watch look graceful. Being light in weight, it is quite convenient for the user. The three attributes have led to the appearance of an array of ceramic watches in the market. However, ceramic as we see it in the watches, is actually a soft material, that is chemically treated to make it hard and scratch-resistant. Latest technology is used to provide it an intense tenacity, strength and durability. Watches made of high grade ceramics retain their polish and luster for long. These watches can be given as a gift as well. But as said, diamond watches will always remain special.

    Chronograph watches have grown quite popular in recent years. If you are looking forward to buying a luxury watch with apt features, a chronograph watch can be a good choice. Available with an array of features, chronograph watches are quite popular with those who can afford them. Made of scratch resistant material, these watches retain a classy look for a long time. The trend setting designs of chronograph watches distinguish them from their peers. These watches come in a flurry of lavish designs ranging from minimalistic ones to the ornately designed, offering the buyer with a range of options.

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    Titanium Wedding Ring

    The price of the titanium rings plays a big role in the rise of its popularity. They are available at a much lower price than the diamond and platinum ones, yet they are equally beautiful. There can be a price difference of hundreds of dollars between a platinum or diamond ring and a titanium one. Therefore couples with a limited budget can always go for the titanium instead of buying the poorer quality gold or diamond ones.

    The titanium wedding rings are longer lasting compared to the traditional gold rings. They don’t usually get scratched easily and are more durable. So it won’t easily lose its charm even if a person wears it 24/7. Titanium is an alloy that can take a beating. They are heat, cold and extreme pressure resistant. It is almost a half lighter than steel but it is quite stronger. These characteristics make them suitable for every couple. The interesting thing is more and more men are choosing to wear titanium rings nowadays, especially the black ones due to its their appeal of masculinity that shows the individual style of its wearer. Men who don’t want a standard ring now have a good alternative, a very good one indeed.

    Owing to the smoothness of the titanium metal, the rings don’t cause much skin irritation and they are pretty comfortable to wear. People who are allergic to gold, had only one option in diamond rings before but now, with the advent of titanium rings, they have a very good option. Now they can chose them, which are definitely less costly than the platinum ones.

    If you are searching for your and your fiance’s wedding rings, please do yourselves a favor and check out the titaniums. They are as exquisite as any gold or platinum rings.

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    Bridesmaids Earrings

    Bridesmaid earrings are a perfect gift idea because just about everyone wears jewelry and earrings. Finding a look that fits their style is the key focus when selecting the perfect pair of bridesmaid’s earrings. You can begin this process by focusing first on your color scheme. You don’t have to pick the same pair for each bridesmaid, so finding a coordinating color pallet that fits your wedding colors is the perfect way to keep everyone looking similar but not exactly the same.

    After you’ve chosen your color scheme you can then begin to pick out a style for each bridesmaid. Take into consideration each bridesmaid’s personality and personal style. Many women prefer a small drop style earring that is not overstated. While other bridesmaids may want something dramatic and over the top, you must consider their style for the best gift giving option.

    Once you’ve selected your bridesmaid’s earring styles you can then begin to incorporate the colors you’ve chosen into those pairs of earrings. Make sure you find a bridal jewelry designer that offers a wealth of color choices so you can coordinate everyone’s look together in one spot. This will ensure all of your bridesmaids earrings match without the exact same look.

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    Picking Sapphire Color

    Blue sapphire – The blue sapphire is exceptionally beautiful and has this royalty look to it. It symbolizes harmony and calm. It is among the most popular colors in the sapphire gemstone world and they are considered the most valuable.

    Yellow sapphire – It might not be as popular, but it signifies status and wisdom and is also associated with wealth. The yellow stones range from light greenish yellow to a lighter version of the same to orange yellow that could have intense or weak color saturation. In essence, the finest yellow sapphire is one that is between yellow and orange with saturation that is vivid.

    White sapphire – If you have a caring and kind nature, then this is the color that you should think about when choosing your sapphire because it represents care and kindness.

    Pink sapphire – Pink sapphires range from red to purple with vivid to weak lighter tones and color saturation. The pink gemstones are a symbol of playfulness and love and can make very good engagement rings. Peach sapphire is also a very attractive option and one that is very feminine.

    Green sapphire – Its low saturation and color zone that is not very attractive makes it less popular. The color is readily available, but unfortunately not as marketable compared to other colors.

    Besides choosing sapphire colors in terms of their meanings and virtues, it is also important to remember that the color dictates the value of the gemstone and the prices therefore. Sapphires that are most preferred are those with vivid, strong color saturation. The color saturation needs to be strongest possible without darkening effect and brightness compromise. The darker and clearer the color of the stone the more valuable the sapphire and the higher the per carat prices so always take the time to check your stone before making your purchase.

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    Black Top Hat

    They were preferred to other designer hat styles because they could create a fake illusion of tallness, elegance and charm. Normally a hat is flat topped, wide brimmed and tall. It can be of any color but of course many men like it black. During the olden days, black top hats for upper class people were originally made of the felt fabric. Later on, designers of hats discovered that silk was sexy, lovelier and classy. Many hats that were worn during upscale weddings and parties were specifically made of silk. Now we can find many hats made of different materials.

    You can buy an accessory that can complement different clothes you have in the closet. Additionally, you can buy black top hats in different shapes and sizes. As a frequent wearer of hats, it is important that you keep a variety of them. Every new season you will notice that designers change their top hats slightly, meaning you can constantly alter your looks. Gucci, a renowned fashion house base in Italy makes trendy hats. You can simply visit its official website and view the available hats images. There are many other designers who make different styles of hats.

    All you have to do is to conduct a quick search on the Internet. Black top hats are special for a reason. Black is one of the widely selected classic colors. You could wear black clothes with several bright colors. If you want to wear a brighter outfit, a black top hat can magically balance the flashy colors. A hat is just a tiny accessory that you can use to enhance your looks. One of the reasons why you should have a top hat is its different ways of wearing it stylishly and snugly. You can tilt it on the side or front just above your eye.

    Black hats do look stunning when worn with designer suits. You could even hold a cane in one hand especially if you are attending a classy event. Even if you choose wearing modern suits with vintage top black hats you will still look polished. So where do you go shopping? Black hats can be found in both offline and online stores. The reason why you should by your next black top hat online is because you can find quality, quantity and hot price deals.

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    Guide to Headwear

    Once you are set on buying yourself this stylish accessory, you need to figure out what will look good on you.

    Before you head to the nearest hat store, heed to this quick guide: how to tap into the modern hat world.

    The panama hat:

    The name of this type of the hat originates from the Panama Canal through which these toquilla straw hats were shipped to America and Europe. Light and breathable, they are perfect for seaside walks in a hot weather. A panama hat is an infallible match for a light-colored summer suit and a pair of loafers.

    The fedora:

    When we think of a hat, most of us conjure up exactly the fedora – a soft felt hat with a snapped brim and a lengthwise crease that may have a diamond or a teardrop shape. This iconic gents’ hat can be worn in a serious or a casual way: with the brim parallel your eyebrows, turned up at the back, or mysteriously shading your eyes. Positioning of pinches, the shape of the crown – it all makes difference. The fedora hat is a smart and practical partner for a suit, straight-legged trousers or jeans with a tight-fitting shirt or a light jacket, and as a final touch – a pair of brogues.

    The trilby hat:

    Trilby hats are similar to fedoras but have a sharper crown and a shorter brim tipping upwards at the back. Once a symbol of the English upper class, nowadays it’s one of the most popular hats with showbiz stars and designers. Originally, the material for trilby hats was rabbit hair felt; at present, they are made from tweed, wool as well as straw and nylon blends. They look good with cotton suits and driving shoes, otherwise, the trilby can be a match for a t-shirt and slim-fitted shorts.