• Watch

    Watch Winder

    1. Does the watch winder has the industry standard Automatic “Turn-and-Rest” programming? This Turn-and-Rest feature that automatically control the turning cycles of the winder; and to automatically stop the program intermittently so as not to over-stress the watch’s internal moving mechanism.
    2. Does the watch winder has the capability to turn in 3 different directions so as to fit the different rotation requirements of different watch brands? The three different directions are: Clockwise mode, Coutner-Clockwise mode, and Alternate Bi-directional mode (Bi-directional mode – turns clockwise and counter clockwise alternatively, as required by many watch brands such as Rolex.
    3. Does the watch winders have the “Adjustable” TPD function? TPD represents “Turns per Day”, the numbers of turns the winder rotates in a day. Different brands of automatic watches might require different TPD to be fully wound up. The TPD is controlled by the watch winders’ internal electronic programming. In general, the adjustable TPD ranges from 400 TPD to more than 1000 TPD, with most automatic watches requiring somewhere between 400 to 800 TPD. By having this Adjustable Turns per Day (TPD) feature, a watch winder can accommodate a wider selection of automatic watches, in particular the more sophisticated complex watches that are becoming more popular nowadays. Winders that do not have this function might not be sufficiently wind up certain types of automatic watches.
    4. Does the watch winder has an automatic daily ON/OFF function? With this function, the winder users do not have to reset or power on/off the winder daily. Not only is this a convenient feature for the winder owners, but also an essential feature so that the winder will power ON daily automatically, to keep your watch wind-up all the times, such that your watches are ready for you to wear any time, any day.
    5. Can the watch winder be powered by batteries? Most winders on the market can only be powered by AC power. Only very few winder brands can be powered and operated by both batteries and AC power. With the capability of being powered by batteries, one can store the winder inside a vault, or at a place where there is no electrical plug in outlet. Thus, if you need to keep your watch and the winder inside your vault, you need a winder that can be powered by batteries as well as AC power, so that in case the batteries run out, you can still use household AC power to operate the winder.

    Another factor to consider is the ease of use of the winders. Some winders are very complex to operate and require a deep learning curve to actually make the winder functional. In additional to the above functions, the workmanship, types of wood used to manufacture the watch winders, the aesthetic appeal, should also be considered.

    Of course, the warranty policy provided by the dealer or the manufacturer of the watch winder is also an important factor to consider. Most winder brands offer a standard 6 months warranty, while some offer a one year warranty.

    Price is one factor to consider, but not the most critical one. A cheap inexpensive watch winder might seem to do the job in the short term. However, without the appropriate winder program technology, these cheap low cost watch winders could actually cause damages to the mechanical life your valuable watch.

    For example, a winder without the industry standard “Turn and Rest” fuzzy logic programming could over-stress and over-wind the internal main spring of your automatic watches. Over the long term, the stress and over-winding effect could cause your watch to lost the accuracy of the time; and could very well result in irreversible main-spring defect to your valuable watches. The only remedy could well be an expensive replacement or overhaul of your fine watches. Thus, the initial small savings of purchasing these low cost cheap watch winders could actually be more costly in the long term.

    Also, the type of watches you own could affect the types of watch winder you purchase. For example, a vintage antique watch might require a different type of winders than most modern automatic watches. Due to the delicate internal movements of most antique vintage watches, it is advisable to use a winder that has a TPD (Turns per Day) of less than 450. While most modern newer automatic watches require a TPD of 450 or more.

    Many watch brands like Rolex, also require to be wound up in the “Alternate Bi-directional” mode. That is, a program to control the winder to turn clockwise and counter-clockwise alternatively and automatically. While some watch brands require Clockwise turning rotation and others require Counter-Clockwise winding movements. Thus, if you have different types of watch brands, it is advisable to select a watch winder that have all these 3 different rotation directions.

  • Fashion Accessories

    About Embroidered Bucket Hats

    The materials used for embroidered hats are cotton, denim, canvas, nylon. Even in cotton, there are different varieties like 100% washed cotton, cotton twill, etc. There is also pigment-dyed washed bucket hat, normal-dyed washed bucket hat, washed cotton bucket hat, assorted print bucket hat, pigment-dyed bucket hat, flower-print bucket hat, bio-washed bucket hat, pigment-dyed bucket hat zipper pocket, safari-style bucket hat, etc.

    The sizes of embroidered bucket hats also vary as per the head size of the person. If the head size is 6″-7 1/8″, then small and medium bucket hats will fit. But if the head size is 7 1/4″ -7 3/4″, then large and extra-large embroidered bucket hats will fit.

    Bucket hat styles vary as per the gender of the user. For girls, bucket hats come in flower, denim, and embroidered sun designs, whereas for boys, corduroy newsboy caps, denim hats, camouflage twill hunting hats are popular.

    The customer has to select the color and size of the hat and embroidery position like front center, right side, left side, back or all sides. If embroidered bucket hats are customized, then the customer has to select the font faces, thread color, personalized text, etc. to be used in embroidered bucket hat.

    Careful combination of fabric, color, style, comfort and embroidery make an embroidered bucket hat a qualitative product. This is a gift commonly praised by all who get it.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry Repairs

    Over the course of marriage, people’s fingers can grow, shrink and altogether change. This may cause a wedding band or engagement ring to no longer fit over time. So, what should one do? Bust out the pliers and get to work? That is probably not advisable. Most wedding ring adjustments are intricate, involving soldering, then cutting and disposing of the metal if the ring is too big, or adding metal if the ring is too small. Using pliers or any other tool to distort the shape of the metal will only ruin the ring’s structural integrity and monetary value, so it is probably best to leave ring-related jewellery repairs to a professional.

    What about chain alterations? One of the biggest problems a necklace chain faces is hair or lint getting caught in it. If the hair is jerked out quickly, the chain can become crimped and twisted; this can happen in herringbone, serpentine, link, filigree and anchor chains. There exists a quick fix solution to this problem if there is not too much hair stuck in the necklace. One can cover the necklace in shaving cream, let it sit for five to 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly to remove the hair particles. However, if too much hair is stuck in the necklace to the point in which a bad amendment attempt could compromise the structural integrity of the accessory, a professional who performs jewellery repairs regularly will do so for a better price than the total loss of the jewellery itself.

    Lastly, what should one do about a diamond or stone that needs to be buffed and polished? This can be performed easier than the previous two examples. Most large retailers carry cleaning kits that contain tools to buff and polish dirty diamonds. The price for one of these kits is reasonable, and the cleaning only takes a few minutes. If the results are not proficient, then a jewellery retailer can buff and polish dirty diamonds more thoroughly for a higher price.

    If the problem is superficial, many jewellery repairs can be fixed independently with the proper tools and steady hands. But if a personal ornament is subject to further physical damage, and the owner does not fix the problem properly, the fix may be in better hands with a professional. The best solution to making sure one’s pieces stay well kept and unbroken is to have a professional regularly inspect the jewellery to ensure that one’s valuable pieces will last a lifetime.

  • Diamond

    Choose Loose Diamonds

    First, Focus On the Cut

    The cut of a diamond determines its shine and shape. A well-cut diamond reflects light beautifully and gives you a brilliant sparkle, whereas a diamond that is cut too deep or shallow does not reflect light as well and is considered low quality. Choose the highest quality of cut in your diamonds that you can afford. According the GIA, an “Excellent Cut” diamond is of the highest quality and also the most expensive. It will be smart of you to choose a “Very Good” if not “Excellent” grade diamond, which will still be a high-quality stone but relatively less expensive.

    The shape is one of the most important aspects of buying diamonds. If you are buying a loose diamond for an engagement ring it will be a great idea to ask the receiver what they would prefer. But if you absolutely do not want to ask and spoil the surprise, then stick to a classic. The most common shapes are: round, princess and cushion-cut. Go for a non-traditional diamond shape like marquise, pear or heart only if you are sure that your partner is into that!

    Now, the Clarity and Color

    Diamond are formed deep inside the earth’s crust and most of them have some flaws. These little flaws are known as “inclusions”. Most diamonds have imperfections that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and some do not have any imperfections at all. A diamond with no imperfections is known as “flawless”, it is very rare and very expensive. Honestly, it is a good idea to buy a diamond with a lower clarity than flawless as it will still look clean and perfect without magnification and you will save money that you can then invest on the cut or carat of the loose diamonds you’re buying.

    Most diamonds have a very slight yellow tint which again, is hardly visible without comparing with other diamonds. Completely colorless stones are rare, expensive and of the highest quality. While choosing the color of your loose diamond, remember that the cut, shape and color of the metal used in your ring’s setting will affect the color of your stone. For example, a rose or yellow gold setting is more forgiving for tinted diamonds. So while you are buying a loose diamond, instead of getting a colorless stone, choose a slightly tinted diamond that will not make a big difference and look just as beautiful in a ring.

    Last But Not the Least: Carat

    A diamond’s weight and size is measured in carats. The more carats a diamond has, the most expensive it will be. The weight of a diamond will not affect the quality of the stone; the important part is to find the right balance between the carat weight and cut of the loose diamond that you choose. Size does matter but bigger is not always better. Picking a diamond size depends on the ring style you want, balance between all the 4Cs and your budget. So, look if everything makes sense in the bigger picture while you’re buying loose diamonds.

  • Watch

    Pre Owned Watches

    Is your dealer reputable?

    Although many pre owned watch dealers are fully reputable and have a strong reputation for quality that they seek to protect, there are enough dealers out there that are without ethics and will not hesitate to sell goods that are not up to standard.

    Usually a little bit of common sense and research will cast light on what you want to know about your choice of vintage watch dealer.

    If your dealer is well known in the area and has a large flow of traffic in its used watch trade, it is a fair bet to say they are of a good reputation. Word soon spreads if someone is selling sub quality goods and their vintage trade will be sparse at best. Ask friends, family and co-workers about the dealer and do some research online to see if there are any major compliments or complaints.

    Some people will choose to buy pre owned watches from the internet.

    This is a mixed bag of tricks.

    If you consider buying from a very large and well known online dealer you should generally be fine.

    If on the other hand you buy from an online auction site from private sellers, well, that is of course a gamble, not always a winning one, but a very expensive one if you lose and end up with a bad watch purchase experience.

    Use care and common sense with online purchases.

    Know the standards and features of the watch you choose to purchase “used” with regards to if it was a “new” watch.

    Most watches are available in a select number of models.

    In other words, they may only be available in certain dial colors, metal combinations, and bracelets or straps etc.

    There is a huge market in what is known as “after market” modifications such as diamond bezels, different color dials, straps and bracelets, even adding color coatings to the metal of the watches.

    This may sound beneficial to have a modification to the watch such as a diamond bezel, but the truth is it actually lowers the value of the watch in almost all cases when modifications are made.

    Why? You are probably asking.

    Well, if a watch is only available in white, black, and silver dial choices from the manufacturer and a watch has a blue dial with diamond markers, it is not original and has a dial inside that has most likely been installed by a watchmaker who is not certified by the manufacturer and the dial will not be up to manufacturer standards in almost all cases.

    Most watch manufacturers use very high quality materials and that is reflected in the price of the watches and they are also installed at the factory of origin. Basically quality assured.

    Most after market modifications are not anywhere near of the same standard.

    Also, most people who buy pre owned watches do their research beforehand, and dealers definitely know their trade, so if you choose to sell or trade in the watch at a later date, you will be offered a very low value for your after market watch or even outright refused despite what you may have paid for it in the first place.

    Check the condition of the watch.

    Sounds obvious?

    Anyone can look at a watch and decide that it looks in good condition at face value, the dealers are going to ensure they do.

    They will be buffed out of scratches and looking shiny, they will be in cases that have lights that make them beam and sparkle.

    But there is an underbelly to the inspection process.

    Metal bracelets can wear down in strength over time with use.

    Check the bracelet by holding it by the case on its side so the bracelet is horizontal.

    If it sags heavily, the watch has been worn a lot, if it is pretty firm it has been looked after or has been replaced.

    This does not apply to all metal bracelets, but it certainly is a decent check to perform.

    If the watch has a leather or animal skin strap such as a crocodile strap, then inspect the area around the pins where it fixed to the case to see if it has cracks or looks frayed. Repeat the check for the buckle area.

    Check the sapphire crystal. If you have done your watch research correctly beforehand, you will know if the watch is meant to have a raised crystal, or domed crystal, or thick crystal, or even acrylic crystal. If the watch does not have what it is supposed to have you may have a watch with a new crystal in it.

    Sounds good?

    Not really, because if the watch has had to have a new crystal then either the old one had been broken or was so scratched that it had to be replaced. This is a red flag that the previous owner had abused the watch, this could be a hint at many other underlying problems or fixes that may have occurred.

    Article Source: http://.com/6334436

  • Watch

    Reasons to Buy Quality Watches

    One of the main reasons is simply because of the fact that it is far more convenient to have the time right there on your wrist at all times. You do not have to look at your mobile when you want to know the time. Of course, there will always be a little clock on your computer telling you the time, but what about when you are away from your computer? And yes, you can argue and say that your mobile phone has a clock on it. But what if you are using your phone at that point in time and are unable to check the time?

    The whole point is that a watch will provide a much higher level of convenience when you want to know the exact time. In addition, there is a great variety of different watches suited for different purposes at your disposal as well. For example, when you are out exercising, there is a high chance of you not having your mobile phone with you, and you certainly won’t have a laptop on hand to check the time. However, it may be very simple for you to wrap a sports watch around your wrist. Not only will this help you to tell the time, but the watch can also be used for recording of stats relating to your exercise as well, such as your heart rate and calories burned.

    Of course, a watch is also a sign of being punctual as well. It may not necessarily be something that you actually think about consciously, but someone who wears a watch always appears to be more punctual and time-responsible. In addition, wearing a watch will certainly help you to develop your own habit of being punctual as you tend to look at the time more often, and this can be very helpful, particularly on formal or work related occasions.

    How about this very simple fact that watches can be regarded as a very stylish accessory to match your dressing when you are out? There are so many different styles of watches available in the market, and there are so many wonderful makes around the world. These make us, the consumers to have more choices and we are able to choose from the different designs to suit ourselves for our personal usage of the watches.

    It is actually very simple to find a casual watch to wear when you are out. If you want to wear your watch on a regular workday, a smart watch would be good. A stylish watch would be good if want to wear it when you are out for the evening, for a dinner date or any special occasions. All in all, with such a wide variety of choice, you will definitely be able to find a watch that is suitable for your outfit. Some people own a few watches so they can wear different ones for different occasions.

  • Watch

    Binoculars and Bird Watching

    The Best Size Binoculars for Bird Watching

    There are many different sizes of binoculars on the market today from 6x50mm to 12x20mm and everything in between. This can make for a tough decision for first time buyers when looking for the best binoculars for bird watching. To make things a whole lot easier, remember that most experienced users of binoculars will agree that the best binoculars have a magnification of 10 power and an objective of 40mm – 42mm. This is spelled out as 10X40mm or 10X42mm. Of course this is open to debate and some will argue to go with less magnification and/or a bigger objective lens. But again, most will agree that 10X42mm binoculars will be the best compromise between size, magnification, field of view, and comfort.

    Beginning with Quality Binoculars

    Unless of course you can afford it, it might not be a good idea to rush out and buy the best binoculars for bird watching. The thing is that you may find that bird watching is not that exciting to you and then you have high dollar binoculars that do not get used for the reason you bought them. All is not lost though, because throughout life you will have times when fine optics would come in handy. If you are considering bird watching, then chances are you spend some time in the outdoors, or would like to, and you will have a need for binoculars for the rest of your life.

    Like wise, you should not buy cheap binoculars for bird watching either. For one thing, if you find birding to be as addicting as we do, then you will get tons of use out of your binoculars. If you started out with cheap binoculars, then you will undoubtedly regret the purchase, and or buying a higher quality binocular later, costing you more in the long run. That is why we go by the saying (and I will say it again): Go with the best binoculars for bird watching that you can afford, because you get what you pay for. It is amazing how much a quality set of binoculars, like any listed above, enhances birdwatching over cheap binoculars.

    Other Bird Watching Equipment:

    Binoculars are the first piece of equipment you will need to begin enjoying bird watching. Of course binoculars are just the beginning; there are several other items that you may determine to be necessary depending on how far you decide to take this hobby. Spotting scope, cameras, digiscope adapters, bird books, video cameras, and bird feeders are just a few that come to mind (click on the link to view the best of each in their price range).

    Spotting Scope: A very popular tool to most hardcore bird watchers as it enables one to view wildlife with a great deal of magnification with the use of a tripod so the view is steady. The average magnification range is around 20-60 power with an objective lens of 60-80mm. With these types of numbers you can only imagine how well you can view birds: up close with lots of light. A spotting scope is a very valuable tool for bird watchers and can really enhance the experience. Of course this is another expense, and they can get expensive.

    The Highs and Lows of Bird Watching:

    Like most wildlife viewing, there are both slow and fast times. There are some times when you just aren’t finding the birds you would like to. For some of us hardcore bird watchers, its these slow times when the birds are a challenge to find that make the good times even better. Unfortunately though, it is these slow times that often turn people off to bird watching. If you are just beginning, and especially going at it alone or with other non experienced bird watchers, then these slow times can be quite the norm. That is why it is advised that you go with an experienced bird watcher that knows the area and can show you spots that you will be able to consistently see intriguing birds in their natural state.

    Ways to find birds:

    • In most areas, there are birdwatching clubs that you can join. These are not only a good way to see birds, but also a good way to meet like minded people.
    • Get information from people in a bird club on other areas you can checkout on your own, but with a little direction that will make things much easier.
    • Hire a guide: most areas have some type of nature guides that can take you to areas where there are large numbers of neat birds to see. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and try to establish some other areas where the guide can suggest you check on your own time. It is likely there is not enough time for the guide to take you to all the good birding areas in one day. If you like your guide, set up another date when he or her could take you on another bird watching adventure.
    • Utilize the internet. You will find an endless amount of information on almost all birds in most areas online. This is also a cheap way to get pinpoint information on all areas.
    • Get a good bird watching book: There are several bird books on each individual state (some states have dozens) that tell you in great detail when and where to look for interesting birds.
    • Many birds are migratory, so just because you do not see birds in what is supposed to be a good area does not mean that it is not a good spot. Try it again in a few months or find information on the best times to find the birds there. This is where a little homework can make a huge difference.
    • Birds aren’t always active throughout the day. It is possible to check an area in the morning and see birds all over. Then come back with some friends to find the birds are nonexistent. This is because birds have daily routines. Some times they are feeding, sometimes nesting, some times in between. Chances are if they aren’t at their feeding areas, then they are at the nest or sleeping area.

    Getting Good With Bird Watching Binoculars

    It takes some use to get good at using binoculars for bird watching. Sure there are times when you find birds with the naked eye and then use you binoculars to get a better look, but then there are many times when birds wont be visible to the naked eye. This is when you let the binoculars do the work by looking through them and finding the birds with the increased magnification that birdwatching binoculars provide.

    The best thing to do, and the thing that takes some bird watching experience is to glass the areas that the birds are likely to be. You will be amazed at how many times the birds are actually there, they are just not visible to the naked eye. This is also when a spotting scope can come in handy to check the areas that are even a little further out there.

    Confidence in your glassing ability:

    Becoming good at using binoculars while bird watching (bird looking) requires becoming confident in your abilities to find birds using just your bird watching optics. It is easy to look through the binoculars and not see anything and then move on to the next spot. The real skill though is in knowing there are birds or other wildlife in the area and using your binoculars to pick the area apart. When you find birds that the average or even experienced bird watcher would fail to find, then you can really feel good about your spotting abilities and you will turn up a lot more birds. Many birds that most people will never see or even know existed.

    The key to getting good with your birding binoculars is having confidence that if you just keep looking, you will find the birds. Do not be afraid to go over an area several times. Not only will you undoubtedly miss some the first time through, but birds also move around and can come into view at anytime where there weren’t any only seconds before. Keep the binoculars to your eyes. Be confident that if they are there, you will find them. If after a while you do not find anything, them check the area from different view point. If that fails, then move on.

    Have Fun:

    Of course, the main point to bird watching is not always finding neat birds, although it helps. A lot of it is just being out in the great outdoors and sharing great experiences with friends and making new friends. Even if you do not find the birds you are actually trying to find, you can almost always find some type of bird to watch. It is amazing how fun some of the more common birds can be to watch that many people do not even to bother to look at. Sure, starlings aren’t that pretty to look at, but just watching them can be fun as their characteristics and personalities can be quite intriguing. And if the birds aren’t giving the show you are wanting, then put your binoculars for bird watching to use on other wildlife like deer, elk, bears, or whatever else can be seen in the area.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Amethyst Gemstone

    The beauty simply overruns the commonality.

    Amethyst is found in a host of locations across the world. It may be transparent, and might occur as clusters or single long terminations.

    The violet color in Amethyst is owing to the presence of manganese, while iron in varying amount varies the violet coloration.

    The origins of the word Amethyst arise from the Greek word ametusthos, which means not intoxicated, and the relation between the gemstone Amethyst and being not intoxicated has been a subject to many folklore.

    All through the history, it has been believed that the Amethyst gemstone symbolizes not being drunk, and is a protection against overindulgence.

    Yet another very significant quality of the Amethyst gemstone is that it is known to safeguard an individual against evil thoughts. It simply works towards making one more intelligent and makes men shrewd and smart in business matters.

    It was believed that when a soldier adorned an amethyst gemstone, it protected them from their enemies and ensured victory.

    Amethyst was simply recognized to be the best talisman against witchcraft and black magic. And the wearer steered clear of disease as well.

    Then, at a very spiritual level, the Amethyst gemstone enabled one to create a connection with the divine.

    However in the present times, Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, and it signifies contentment as well.

    But the best quality of an Amethyst stone is its ability to still the mind, as the wearer enters into an advanced meditative state.

    With the high frequency vibrations the amethyst stone emits, all negative energy disappears as a protective shield of light is formed around the body. And resulting from the same, the individual stays cleared and centered, and this makes it easier for one to be spiritually inclined.

    Amethyst is even known to heal the chakras, and in particular works well for the third eye, crown and Etheric Chakras. So it not just boosts one’s cognitive perception, but brings about enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities.

    One builds a higher degree of understanding and compassion.

    And the gemstone brings about more creativity into one’s everyday being. So one could then put thoughts into action and assimilate new ideas as well. The gemstone brings projects to completion, and is a potent talisman of success and focus.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Wear a Hat With Style

    If you are interested in wearing hats, my first suggestion is to go to a hat store wearing the type of clothes that you wear most. This is important because your new hat should accent your existing wardrobe, or a particular outfit for which it is bought.

    Once in the store, think about your motivations for getting a hat. Is it for warmth? Style? Protection from the sun? Will it be worn indoors? Or outdoors? The answers to these questions will provide you with the information that can help you make a prudent purchase.

    While there a many kinds of hats, the foremost consideration in wearing a hat should be the fit and comfort. If you don’t know your hat size, ask for a measurement. Depending on the material of the hat, it could have some flexibility. Ideally, your hat should never be too snug (which may cause headaches), or too loose (which may allow it to be blown away in slightly windy conditions).

    I’d suggest trying on any hat that you consider buying even if you know your size because different designers tend to have a variation in fit due to stitching, use of material, manufacturing, or the band in the hat.

    Once trying on the hat, it’s key that you select a hat which complements the shape of your face, and the width of your shoulders.

    People who are slim with oval faces, tend to look best in what’s known as “skinny” brims, while those with more corpulent bodies, can wear wider brims with greater appeal.

    Another consideration for slim, tall people, is to avoid hats which have elongated tops, such as top hats. They will make you look both taller, and skinnier. Such hats work better for shorter men.

    Another consideration is the color of the hat. No other garment is situated as closely to your face as a hat; therefore, choosing hats which highlight the hues of your face is ideal for achieving greater allure. A quick trip to any make-up counter, and a conversation with a clerk will help reveal whether warm or cool colors look best next to your face.

    Nothing changes the perception of a woman more than the right hat. With a wider range of styles and colors to choose from than men, women can create a stylish alter ego with the use of hats to showcase spunk, playfulness, attitude, flair, or sophistication.

    Women, like men, must obey the same fashion rules when it comes to hats: the style of your hat, should match the style of the clothes. This rule will inevitably result in the need for several hats which can be worn in different circumstances.

    While you are in the hat store, try on tons of hats. If you are not accompanied by anyone, ask the store clerk for feedback on how you look in various styles. They know what works – and what doesn’t.

  • Watch

    Frederique Constant Watches

    Amazing collections with attractive watches:

    There is a huge variety of watch collections like Classics, Slimline and many more. Within the mentioned collections there are some of the finest watches that will make you fall in love with them.


    The mission of Frederique Constant is reflected through this collection. Timepieces of this line are divided into men’s and women’s watches.

    Classics Gents’:

    Men always love to wear watches that are tough as well as beautiful. This Frederique Constant watch line has been enriched with watches that fulfill the mentioned conditions. Watch dials are bigger and are ornamented finely so that they become able to heighten the status of the watch user. Each and every watch is different from the other in looks and style. In addition to the Roman numerals we also find Hindi numerals. It is surely an innovative idea of the watch maker.

    Nearly most of the timepieces from this line have a clarified white coloured dial so that the wearer can easily read the time. Models that are included with black dials represent a muscular vigor. Silver is a dazzling colour, so it assists the watches to glow at the wrist of a user. The presence of rectangular case gives the design of the models a variant touch.

    Frederique Constant does not compromise with the quality of watches. So they use such materials that boost the performance of their watches. Along with the regular steel borne case, there are also two-tone and gold PVD stainless steel built cases that have been used to make watches last long and also give an accurate timing. We can also find that both quartz and automatic movement have been loaded with the watches of this collection. Watch movement is also an important factor that helps the watches to give precise time.

    Watch straps have been made with leather, stainless steel and two-tone materials. The leather borne straps are the most flexible. This type of watch strap combats with any kind of damage or risk. Stainless steel straps are well known to the watch lovers. It not gives strength to watches but also sizzles at the wearer’s wrist.

    Classics Ladies:

    The difference between the male and female version of watches belonging from this Frederique Constant collection is that the ladies watches are more colourful as well as captivating. Oval and tonneau structured case has been included with these beautiful to present a touch variation in design. Dials have also been dressed with colours like white, silver and mother of pearl. Satin is a new strap element that is applied to the watch straps of some models. It increases the style statement of the watches.


    With fashionable getup, this watch collection from Frederique Constant also includes models that are thin. Created both for men as well as women, these watches have wonderful decorations, appearance and effective features. All of these combine to make the timepieces alluring to the watch users.

    Various colours like golden, black, white, silver, blue and others have been properly treated with the watches so that they produce a charming glaze and provide pleasure to the wearers. Moonphase function has been offered with some of these watches. This function tracks every phase of moon and tells time according to the current moon phase. It is a fundamental watch feature that is used by the watch makers to make watches that give more accurate time. Small second hands provide a different kind of beauty to the watches. Date display window is placed on the dial of most of the pieces hailing from this collection. This common feature tells the updated time to the user.