• Fashion Accessories

    Info of Silver Earrings

    The cost varies from earring to earring style; it is largely dictated by two factors including the craftsmanship that went into creating the silver earrings and the weight. The more ornate and the heavier the more they will cost. Most are very reasonably priced. The cost is far less than the same type of earrings made from gold or platinum. Most fall in the under one hundred dollar range all the way up to the over five hundred dollar range. Some are encrusted with precious stones and gems and these will cost a lot more money than a pair of simple hoop earrings.

    Hoop earrings are some of the most favored of silver earrings and the cost of hoops are very reasonable, some that are made in the hoop style can be purchased for fewer than ten dollars.

    These earrings can be purchased anywhere jewelry is sold. There are also other options for purchasing them. They can be purchased at a lot of clothing boutiques; discount warehouse stores that sell jewelry also typically have them for sale. There are also plenty of venues online that specialize in the sale of silver jewelry.

    Silver earrings are a great fashion accessory, they are affordable and don’t go out of style. They are favored for their cost effectiveness and their tone. Caring for them is simple, they make great gifts and are easy to find.

  • Watch

    Bulova Watches

    • Adventurer Watches: If you are a person, who is actively involved in outdoor games or continuously on the run and needs robust quality timepiece that will endure with your active routine. Bulova timepieces have a range of adventurer collection dedicated to such people who are highly dynamic and sporty; and who ought to have a robust watch that can sustain with their lifestyle. No matter whether you are jogging, hiking, skiing or diving Bulova watches have innumerable uses in your active lifestyle. With the adventurer timepieces, you are always on the move with the time.
    • Bangle Watches: Bulova watches have a myriad collection of bangle timepieces, which will help you bring out the femininity in you. Bulova bangle watches are well-known for the outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite design required for a feminine watch. These watches have become the bestselling choice for the people around the world because of its elegance and style. The Bulova timepieces are designed with style, panache, and sophistication that a modern woman looks for. Adorned with stunning designs and captivating dials, that makes them stand out from the rest.
    • Crystal Watches: The crystal collection from Bulova watches turns every outfit you wear into a bold style statement. The crystal watches adorned with Swarovski crystals titanium or stainless steel, which gives a stylish and luxurious feel. Crystal watches often brings you in the limelight and you’ll get some envious gazes in all situation, the wearer oozes out power and style in every ounce.
    • Dress Watches: Dress watches from Bulova are more slim and modest in diameter, such that it looks sensual and classy for a casual dinner or a party. When you wear a dress watch, it speaks that you pay much attention to detail. The dress watch is regarded as one of the most vital part of your wardrobe; it is said that a casual look is incomplete until complemented with a dress watch.
    • Mechanical Watches: Mechanical watches are a massive hit among male counterparts; these attractive Bulova watches along with mechanical movements are in enormous demand. It is a watch with a good blend of high-end style and best quality craftsmanship. Such mechanical watches are for the men who want to show the toughness within them and want to add more dosage of classy appeal.
    • Strap Watches: Bulova strap watches have outstanding features and design. These over sized watches are equally popular between both the sexes for their unique straps attached to it. The distinctively crafted straps are available in various colors and textures; they add a dash of style and superiority to your look.
  • Fashion Accessories

    Flapper Hats

    Coats were typically styled in wrap around fashion and were fastened on one side. Typical flapper hats of the roaring twenties were very dainty and close fitting and often made in a cloche style. This type of cloche hat was certainly a very popular style. These hats were usually worn by women who had a short hair style. Flapper hats and clothing look great for your 1920s Halloween costume.

    Coco Chanel was one of the most famous models in the twenties era. She was well known and extremely popular. She personified the perfect flapper girl. The slender good looking clothes of this period were very much different from the preceding conservative Edwardian styles. The twenties was really the start of very stylish womens clothes which has carried on to the present day.

    Flapper hats were particularly tiny and very elegant when compared to the hats of previous years. These dainty close fitted cloche type hats are the typical style of twenties fashions. Slim and elegant hats were the fashion of the time.These flapper hats will look wonderful for your Halloween costume.

    Mens clothing was also undergoing drastic changes in the 1920s. Sports type clothing was very popular,particularly tweed jackets, which were sometimes belted round the waist, and were worn with “nickers” which were half length pants ending below the knee, and these were worn with long wool stockings. These nickers continued to be popular into the 1950s and even later. Golfers particularly took to this style of pants. Mens hats were typically straw boaters or felt hats with large brims. Flapper hats and clothing along with this style for men are great for Halloween costumes.

    The twenties period saw great changes in lifestyle, particularly for women. Women strode forward from the Edwardian period to embrace life much more fully and to take on many types of jobs and participate in sports which had been denied to them in earlier years.

    At this time the western world was trying to recover from the devastating toll of World War 1. Millions of people had died and life was altered completely for everyone. The roaring twenties period was one of rejuvenation, when post war survivors were creating new lives for themselves, with new hope for the time ahead. Mens and womens clothes changed dramatically with the new ideas of the time.

  • Jewelry

    Pearl Color

    Body color

    The body color is the main color of the pearl. White, silver, gold, blue, green, cream, and even black. The body color is determined by the type of oyster or mollusk that the pearl came from, the condition of the waters, and sometimes the object that was put in the oyster can all have an effect on the out come of the pearl color. Certain oysters produce pearls of a certain color.

    Over Tones

    Over tones are the translucent color over the top of the body color. These over tones alter the color of the pearl some what. The over tone will also add depth, and glow to the pearl.


    Means the iridescent colors which glitter, the layers of nacre (mother of pearl) reflect the light through the many layers of nacre.

    Many pearls are color treated this is used often with fresh water, akoya, and sometimes Tahitian pearls. The color is infused by a treatment known as dying, putting the pearls to irradiation. You can find out if a pearl is treated by looking down the drill hole you will be looking for concentrations of color which indicate the presence of dye.

    Naturally black akoya, and fresh water pearls do not exist. If black pearls are offered of this variety they are always color treated.

    For any one who is looking for a classic, and elegant piece of jewelry pearls are a must have jewelry stable that every women should have at least one stand in her jewelry collection.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Hat Designs & Fashion

    Considerations that a designer pays attention to when figuring out how to make a new hat style are buyer appeal, the practical wearability of the design, and how much the finished hat will cost. A work of art is of no use to a hat manufacturer if it is expensive to produce or uncomfortable to wear. The specific requirements a designer will have to consider vary depending on the audience the hat is to be marketed to. Each different marketing group has its own preferences as far as price and style. A successful designer will be familiar with many groups and know how to make a hat that will please them.

    There are several steps to the production of a hat, once the design has been finalized. Just what happens to any given hat will depend on the kind of production that it is intended for. There are designer hats, made in limited runs, factory hats, which most of us wear, and examples of model millinery. This last one is the creation of a single design that will not be duplicated.

    It’s possible for the designer to be more creative when designing a model hat. Designer hats and factory hats both need to be easily reproducible. Designer hats, however, can be hand sewn and made, allowing more flexibility of design. This is because people who buy designer hats are more willing to pay for the time that these methods of construction require. Factory hats must be able to be constructed on machines, quickly and easily. This means that they are often made with lower quality materials and construction than designer and model hats. It also makes them more affordable.

    The average person is more likely to own a factory manufactured hat than a couture design of either kind, even the designer hats which are produced in limited lots. They are often worn for special occasions, or are casual hats, like the baseball cap. These hats are usually bought for their look rather than for quality, and designers must pay attention to this and keep the price low. However, too much loss of quality in production will result in a shoddy hat, which could also affect sales. For all these reasons, hat design is a complicated skill, which requires a lot of attention and training.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Squash Blossom Necklace

    Pick the necklace, which has the style and the length which serves your purpose the best. Let’s imagine that you are choosing to wear a necklace because you want to grab attention. Now you have to decide which part you want to grab attention to? For instance, in case where you want to grab attention to your bosom, you can go for a long necklace that rests on your cleavage (if you are wearing a deep neck) or in the middle of your chest. On the other hand, if you are looking for a much conservative look, then you may go for a short necklace which rests on your collar bones. Collar bones are known to be a sign of beauty so if you have them, show them off by making them prominent through your short necklace.

    Pair a thick chunkier necklace with an outfit which is simple and also remember to keep the rest of the jewelry such as earrings and bracelet, simple and delicate. Thin chains with light and delicate small pendants would look the best with dresses and outfits which are outlandish and heavy.

    There are also some occasions where you should avoid wearing necklaces. For instance, if you are wearing a strapless blouse, your neck would look fresh and clean without a necklace. If you are wearing a top with metallic trims and colors, avoid wearing a necklace at all costs. Too much metallic look would make you look cheap. In case of sweaters, do not wear a necklace if the sweaters are very colorful and bright or loud. However, with plain sweaters which have turtlenecks, you can always choose to wear long necklaces made of beads and colorful stones.

    Squash Blossom Necklace, which is made of gold, offers a highly fashionable and elegant look. You can pick this one for any special day!

  • Fashion Accessories

    Choose the Right Pair of Earrings

    The first thing to consider is when do you intend to wear them. This may seem like a very basic thing, but if you are looking for everyday earrings and end up buying extravagant earrings you’ll never wear, your shopping efforts will have been wasted. Go browsing online or head to the jewellery store with what you want in mind.

    A good idea is to go online and print off images of earrings you like. That way you can bring it with you to show the jeweller rather than describing to them what you are looking for, which can often be difficult.

    What is your style

    You must always consider your own personal style. Think about the clothes you have, the colours you wear and what occasions will you want to wear them to. Will they match the outfit you will want to wear them with?

    Your other jewellery

    A good idea is to look at the jewellery you already have. Think about what bracelets, necklaces or rings you will want to wear with the earrings. Or do you want to buy a pair of earrings that are standout and need to be worn without any other jewellery?

    Consider your face shape

    Face shape is very important in choosing the right earrings to suit you. If you have a round face, you may want to opt for drop earrings. They will elongate your face. If you have a square shaped face, studs are best suited. For those that have a long face, hoops look great and for oval shaped faces short drop earrings look best.

    Also think about the colours that look best and pick up your eye colour and flatter your skin tone. There are many earring styles that incorporate different coloured gemstones which can instantly brighten you look, especially if the rest of your outfit is dark.If you wear diamond rings you may want to consider matching the colour of the diamonds to your earrings.

    How will they go with your hairstyle

    Your hairstyle also affects the type of earrings that are right for you. Depending on the look you want to go for, you may want earrings that are large and full of embellishments if you have long hair and find your earrings get hidden.

    For people with short hair and have their earlobes exposed, you can wear any style of earring from studs to long drop earrings as they will always be visible.

    Choosing the right pair of earrings can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. I hope our tips have helped you decide on the best style of earrings to suit you and your personal style.

  • Watch

    White Watches for Men

    At a very basic level, your choice of watch can quickly reveal whether you are a collar and shirt sort of guy, or whether you are more of a hands-on type of guy doing physical work rather than office work. For example, your local bank manager’s watch is almost certainly a lot different to the style of watch you would find most truckers wearing.

    Don’t forget, we are talking style here rather than brand. Brands are more indicative of wealth than they are of personality. After all, you get many wealthy businessmen wearing a top brand, but you also get other well paid people wearing the top brand simply because they can afford to.

    Just for a minute try to imagine what sort of guys would be interested in white watches for men? Of course I can’t be absolutely certain, but I would say most of them like to portray an element of sophistication; guys who like to see themselves as being sort of clean cut. I am guessing most of them will be in a professional position at work, or guys who work from home doing things like graphic design.

    Today there are several watch makers offering white watches. Some are completely white, including their straps. Others will have a white casing and a white face, while others only have a white face. I personally think a white face coupled with a titanium casing looks very attractive and really classy as well. A perfect example would be the Bulovo Marine Star dual time watch.

    In fact, Bulovo make many white watches for both men and women. Casio also offer a white version of many of their watches, especially in their Baby-G range and their G-Shock range. I also like a few of the white Citizen watches, to the point where I am even contemplating buying one despite the fact that I really don’t need another watch.

    I hope you haven’t been thinking that white watches are only made by watch makers on the lower end of the watch making spectrum. Forget it, because I promise you, a top-end brand has got some of the most exquisite watches I have ever seen, and yes you have guessed right, they are white too.

  • Watch

    Stainless Steel Watches

    Varied components, styles, types and designs form a new and advanced wrist unit. The prime focus however has to be on the material that is used to make these watches. Stainless steel is the most widely used material in the manufacture of watches. Watches have to be good looking and functional but the comfort factor cannot be overlooked. This is the component that has to be constant for all watches manufactured by a company. Stainless steel is an element that has a lot of strength and turgidity and can fight the harsh weather conditions.

    It is corrosion resistant and does not stain and is resistant of any other sort of damage as well. Stainless steel is the synonym for strength and durability for years. This is the reason why it is an essential raw material for the making all sorts of watches. Stainless-steel watches are available in innumerous designs, shapes, features and styles; they are manufactured with all watch brands. This means that a customer has an array of products to choose from. One can buy a stainless steel watch at any price and of any brand; they have become popular because of the strength and versatility that these watches offer. There are stainless-steel watches for men, women and children.

    Most companies obviously like to play it safe in the manufacture of their products. This is because they have a high risk and investment at stake, hereby they use the traditionally time tested materials for the manufacture of their products to decrease the risk factor, to increase the certainty of a good sale. The Stainless steel watch is the most widespread and desired watch type. It is a hit favorite among the customers as they also look for style performance and strength all under one roof. A watch is a long term investment and one should be certain of its performance features before purchasing them.

    A genuine stainless steel watch ensures that a person has to pay only once and get the benefits of a good watch for years to come. These are maintenance free and can be used by the careless lot as well. In comparison to the other materials used in the process of watch making, stainless steel is rich looking and has a unique starry shine and lucrative appeal to its buyers. Exclusive pieces can be crafted with priceless jewels and stones to make it more of an eye-candy. These watches are known for the functionality and style.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Different Types of Rings


    The eternity ring (also called an infinity ring) is a metal band with a continuous line of stones like diamonds. The row of diamonds can go all around the ring, half-round or three-quarters around. Most of the modern rings have half of the circumference covered with stones. Usually the stones are the same size to give a consistent finish. This type of ring is intended to act as a symbol for never-ending love. It is a lady’s ring and most often given by a husband on a special occasion.


    The mother’s ring is a special type that includes the birthstone of her children. The most common style has the birthstones related to the mother’s sons, and they can be living or dead. Additionally, this memorial ring can also include the birthstones of the mother’s parents.


    The championship ring is presented to winning team members after achieving success in a sporting event. They are typically made of white or yellow gold and likely to feature diamonds. Also, the ring design will incorporate the team logo, name, or symbol.


    The mood ring is unique in style and includes a special thermochromic liquid crystal at the center of the ring. The liquid crystal is made to change color in line with the wearer’s body temperature. This makes it really easy to see a person’s mood simply by looking at the color of the ring. The ring can change many different colors. Black is an indication of stress, brown is nervousness, green is a feeling of calmness, and dark blue is fun and relaxation.


    The signet ring was extremely popular in the past. It is still available today, but a lot less common in use. This type of ring is designed to show the initials of the wearer or bears a coat of arms of a family. In addition to identifying a particular person wearing the ring, they also function as a means to print a wax mark on a letter or similar items.