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    Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Jewelry?

    Nobody would ever want their beloved jewelry to get damaged. But with time and use, it is an almost inevitable end every jewelry will have to face. But damaged jewelry is almost useless. It runs the risk of further damage like losing some pearls, having a gem fall out among other unfortunate possibilities. Hence, you must maintain safe practices that will prolong the life of your jewelry especially when you have it on. In the unfortunate event that it gets damaged, then you need a professional jewelry repair Dallas to fix the damaged or simply visit a jewelry shop to have it replaced with something new.

    As easy as it sounds, deciding to repair or replace broken jewelry is not quite as easy. There are several factors to consider. Sometimes, repairing is a wise decision. However, in some cases, it is a mere waste of cash and time. Here is a simple breakdown of important factors to consider that will help you with making a smart decision.

    Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Broken Piece of Jewelry


    This is the first thing that comes to mind when you have to deal with a broken piece of jewelry. Price is a factor that can affect your decision to either sell or repair. Most times if repair is cheap and money is a concern, the most obvious choice is to simply repair.

    But not all repairs are cheap. There are certain high-end pieces that will cost quite a lot to repair so much that trying to repair the piece makes no sense at all. If the piece can still be sold, you will just need to able to add some money and buy a new one instead.

     How much can you expect to spend on repairing your jewelry? Read here https://blog.longsjewelers.com/jewelry/how-much-jewelry-repair to find out.


    The value of a piece of jewelry most times goes beyond its surface price. The real value of jewelry depends on the story behind it. It is easy to simply replace a fashionable earring you bought at a street fair. But most people would rather repair a precious family heirloom or even an engagement ring than sell it.

    But while sentiments can be a reason for keeping jewelry, on rare occasions it can also be a reason to sell as well. You will most likely be eager to let go of a piece of jewelry with a bad history or associated with a sad memory rather than repairing and keeping it.

    Similarly, some items are simply irreplaceable for several reasons. This could be because it is so rare and buying the same type of jewelry will be too expensive. In an unfortunate case that such a rare piece of jewelry becomes broken for any reasons. Buying a new one is simply not an option. Instead, you will have to take it to a repair shop and hope that the damage can be fixed.

    Opportunity to purchase a new one

    In some case, a broken piece of jewelry is an opportunity to purchase a new one. If the jewelry is old and worn already or you have been contemplating replacing it with a new one all along, the damage is the perfect excuse to let go of it. In a case when replacing the item is an opportunity to upgrade to a piece of higher quality jewelry or a more updated version of the same jewelry, it is simply a wise thing to do. Of course, the cost of a new one becomes a major factor here. If you have decided to buy a new jewelry, you can read this simple guide to get started https://www.moneytalksnews.com/5-tips-for-buying-jewelry/.

    Extent of damage

    If your jewelry has sustained only minimal damage you can simply fix and carry on using it. Not all damages can be fixed. Even for minimal damages that can be easily fixed, repairing might not be a smart decision for several reasons. Repairing a broken chain, ring or earring makes it prone to damage in the future. Worst still, the future damage might be worse than it already is. Hence before you make a decision to either repair or replace, you should have the repair expert evaluate the extent of damage and advice you on the best line of action.

    Possibilities of selling

    There are times you need to repair and restore a piece of jewelry not because you intend to keep on using it but to improve the chances of selling it for a good price. Instead of simply abandoning and old piece of jewelry and buying a new one, you can have it restored by an expert jeweler and sell it. However, be sure that it will still fetch a good price if it restored hence your investment will simply be a waste of money. Read this article before you sell your jewelry online.


    Even in the hands of professional jewelers, jewelry repair takes sometimes. In most cases, it is meticulously done by hand with each piece fitted back into place painstakingly. There are situations when this isn’t a problem and you are willing to wait. In some cases, however, (say you want to wear the jewelry for an important event) you might not have the time to spare to wait for a repair. When replacement is a faster option and you can afford it, you will most likely decide to buy a new one instead of waiting around for a piece of old jewelry.


    There are very solid points to consider on either side of the argument. At the end of the day, your decision to either sell, repair or replace a broken piece of jewelry depends first on its value than on the cost of doing so. You will also have to determine if a repair will be worth based on the extent of damage, intricacy of repair among other factors. After putting all these factors into consideration, you should be able to tell if repairing is a better economic decision than simply buying a new one in place of it.