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    What Kind of Jewelry Must Women Have?

    When it comes to the male and female gender, the female gender is more attracted to jewelry and uses more jewelry than men. Furthermore, there are also many more types and designs of jewelry that men can’t use compared to the ones that women can’t use. For instance, a few decades ago, it is believed that wristwatches with big faces are meant for men, while wristwatches with small and tiny faces are meant for women. Today, a lot of women wear wristwatches with a big face. It would, however, look weird to see a man wearing a wristwatch with a tiny face. As a woman or a woman’s lover, you might want to know what kind of jewelry a woman should have so that you can stock up on it for yourself or your spouse. The different types of earring a woman can have are explained below.


    The Earring is easily the most popular type of jewelry among women. Even when they are not putting on any other type of jewelry, you would almost always find a woman putting on earrings. The earring is used to adorn the ears and it comes in different sizes, shapes, designs, and made from different materials including gold and silver. Thus, as a woman, not only must you have earrings in your collection but you should have a minimum of 5 to 10 different types that you can choose from when you are going for an outing. Having different types of earrings would imply that whenever you need to go on an outing, you should be able to find a perfect earring that would suit that event and what you are wearing to the events. This is as opposed to having one and not being able to use it optimally every time because they simply do not match the event you want to wear it t or the clothes you are wearing, but you can’t change it because it is the only one you have or can access then.


    The Necklace is another very popular type of jewelry for women. The necklace is worn on the neck and could come with or without pendants. A lot of women who want to feel sexy and want to draw attention to their cleavages can easily achieve this with a necklace with a pendant. All they have to do is rest the pendant of the necklace in between the cleavage and the attention of everyone will be drawn to it. That aside, necklaces are beautiful adornments for the neck. If you want to buy jewelry, you might want to consider patronizing Tulsa Body jewelry after reading Tulsa Body jewelry reviews.


    A wristwatch is one of the few pieces of jewelry that could be said to have a real use apart from the fact that they act as adornment for our hands, they help us to keep track of time. However, with the advent of mobile phones, it is easy to use the mobile phone as a timepiece too since we take them everywhere. However, several people have continued to wear wristwatches because their usefulness is not limited to just checking time but also for its adornment purpose. Some people argue that not every wristwatch is jewelry and only expensive or antique times. However, some believe every wristwatch passes as jewelry. Thus, a wristwatch is a type of jewelry every woman should have, especially those who don’t like to use bracelets.


    Every woman should also have bracelets as part of their jewelry collection. Bracelets are beautiful adornments for the wrist that every woman should invest in. There are different types, designs, and sizes of bracelets. For instance, some bangles are tiny and you can put on many of them at the same time. There are also the bigger bracelets that you just wear one at a time or one each on both hands. Some of the bracelets are circular and go all the way around while others do not go all the way around.


    The anklet is another type of jewelry that women should have, even though it is a bit controversial. In different countries, there are different rumors associated with those that wear anklets. Some are of the view that women who wear anklets are lesbians and wearing it so that other lesbians can identify them. Some others believe that anklets are worn by married women who want to have a fling with another man, not their husband or by prostitutes and ladies looking for a man they would have a fling with. However, none of these is completely true. If you love anklets and do not mind a few prying eyes if you reside in an area where such rumors are rife, then you can by all means buy and use them. You can always refuse unwanted advances when they come up.


    The Ring is another beautiful jewelry for women. However, when you are single and willing to mingle, you should avoid wearing rings that would suggest you are in a relationship or married. This could ward off potential suitors who might not want to bug a woman who is already in a relationship. Thus, even if you love rings, you might want to limit its usage until after you are engaged or married. Alternatively, you should avoid wearing them in the middle and ring finger that is reserved for engagement and wedding rings respectively.