Armani Watches Ceramic

The Emporio Armani brand was created by Giorgio Armani as a brand that would operate separately from the main Giorgio Armani brand. The Emporio Armani brand has become much more than just a Giorgio Armani sub brand. In the late 1990’s the Emporio Armani launched a partnership with Fossil group a small American watch manufacturer to create a range of designer watches, which would carry the Emporio Armani brand into the next millenia. This collaboration has made Fossil Group one of the biggest manufactures of designer watches making such brands as DKNY, Diesel, and its own Fossil range of watches and it has also made Emporio Armani one of the biggest names in the designer watch industry with the Armani watches now becoming just as aspirational as the suits or clothing to the consumer¬†marked the launch of Ceramica a range of Armani sports watches and fashion watches that would be made almost entirely of Ceramic material. Ceramica was launched in May 2010 with a range of 6 watches, priced between ¬£379 and ¬£479 it was believed that Ceramic would be Armani watches attempt to compete with the big brands like Chanel with their J12 and Rado with their Ceramic collection of watches. However with the price tag almost double that of any Armani watch ever made, it was believed that the range could have been a step to far, and so small amounts of this watch range were created to test the water. The scale of demand for these 6 watches was to astound the watch industry and the Fossil group distributors. Within days the entire collection was sold out and retailers and consumers were crying out for more of this new Ceramica range. Especially the white sports chronograph AR1407 and the black ceramic chronograph AR1400, these 2 watches became the must have watches for Christmas and it was only May.

The Ceramic watch collection was added to with a number of rectangular watches brought out very soon after the AR1400 and the AR1407. However, the massive success has been the round dial Sports Ceramica watches, Armani have found the watch equivalent of the furby, a toy that sent the world round the bend trying to get their hands on one before Christmas. It has taken almost 3 months for Fossil and Emporio Armani to catch up with the demand, but with Christmas coming the demand has increased again and once more Fossil have had to warn their retailers that it will be impossible to keep up with the demand. But to add to all of this Fossil and Emporio Armani have launched an ever newer addition to the Ceramica range, the new AR1410 and the AR1411 and these watches look to add to the strength of this new Emporio Armani watch collection.