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    Stainless Steel Watches

    Varied components, styles, types and designs form a new and advanced wrist unit. The prime focus however has to be on the material that is used to make these watches. Stainless steel is the most widely used material in the manufacture of watches. Watches have to be good looking and functional but the comfort factor cannot be overlooked. This is the component that has to be constant for all watches manufactured by a company. Stainless steel is an element that has a lot of strength and turgidity and can fight the harsh weather conditions.

    It is corrosion resistant and does not stain and is resistant of any other sort of damage as well. Stainless steel is the synonym for strength and durability for years. This is the reason why it is an essential raw material for the making all sorts of watches. Stainless-steel watches are available in innumerous designs, shapes, features and styles; they are manufactured with all watch brands. This means that a customer has an array of products to choose from. One can buy a stainless steel watch at any price and of any brand; they have become popular because of the strength and versatility that these watches offer. There are stainless-steel watches for men, women and children.

    Most companies obviously like to play it safe in the manufacture of their products. This is because they have a high risk and investment at stake, hereby they use the traditionally time tested materials for the manufacture of their products to decrease the risk factor, to increase the certainty of a good sale. The Stainless steel watch is the most widespread and desired watch type. It is a hit favorite among the customers as they also look for style performance and strength all under one roof. A watch is a long term investment and one should be certain of its performance features before purchasing them.

    A genuine stainless steel watch ensures that a person has to pay only once and get the benefits of a good watch for years to come. These are maintenance free and can be used by the careless lot as well. In comparison to the other materials used in the process of watch making, stainless steel is rich looking and has a unique starry shine and lucrative appeal to its buyers. Exclusive pieces can be crafted with priceless jewels and stones to make it more of an eye-candy. These watches are known for the functionality and style.

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    Different Types of Rings


    The eternity ring (also called an infinity ring) is a metal band with a continuous line of stones like diamonds. The row of diamonds can go all around the ring, half-round or three-quarters around. Most of the modern rings have half of the circumference covered with stones. Usually the stones are the same size to give a consistent finish. This type of ring is intended to act as a symbol for never-ending love. It is a lady’s ring and most often given by a husband on a special occasion.


    The mother’s ring is a special type that includes the birthstone of her children. The most common style has the birthstones related to the mother’s sons, and they can be living or dead. Additionally, this memorial ring can also include the birthstones of the mother’s parents.


    The championship ring is presented to winning team members after achieving success in a sporting event. They are typically made of white or yellow gold and likely to feature diamonds. Also, the ring design will incorporate the team logo, name, or symbol.


    The mood ring is unique in style and includes a special thermochromic liquid crystal at the center of the ring. The liquid crystal is made to change color in line with the wearer’s body temperature. This makes it really easy to see a person’s mood simply by looking at the color of the ring. The ring can change many different colors. Black is an indication of stress, brown is nervousness, green is a feeling of calmness, and dark blue is fun and relaxation.


    The signet ring was extremely popular in the past. It is still available today, but a lot less common in use. This type of ring is designed to show the initials of the wearer or bears a coat of arms of a family. In addition to identifying a particular person wearing the ring, they also function as a means to print a wax mark on a letter or similar items.

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    Classic and Classy Breitling Watches

    Founded way back in 1884, the company’s watches are separated into three categories: diving watches (known as SuperOcean), aviation watches (known as Navitimer) and Luxury watches (Breitling for Bentley). Their polished cases and bracelets, as well as their large watch faces that are designed to make readability simple have long characterized Breitling watches. Many of the watches created by Breitling feature an automatic winding mechanism that’s purely mechanical, while other models of Breitling watches feature complications. All of the watches made by the brand are manufactured in Switzerland, despite the company’s German-sounding name. In the early 1940s, the company revolutionized the watch business by adding a circular slide rule to the bezel of their chronograph models – these watches were meant to be used by aircraft pilots. This watch later evolved into the now-famous Navitimer model, and during the 1950s and 1960s, this watch was offered by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association with the association’s logo on the dial.

    The next innovation in the Breitling world came courtesy of famous astronaut Scott Carpenter, who approached the company in 1961 and suggested that they should incorporate a twenty-four hour dial instead of their usual twelve-hour dial. For Carpenter, such an innovation was a necessity, as he was one of the original astronauts in the Mercury space program and required a watch that worked regardless of whether it was night or day, as space travel eliminated the distinction between the two. Breitling agreed, and produced a special Navitimer model for Carpenter to wear on his 1962 flight to space.

    Many Breitling watches are specialized – just as the Navitimer was originally created for airline pilots and was later tweaked for Carpenter’s flight into space, the Breitling Emergency watch includes a radio transmitter, which was worn by civil aviators. This watch is also used by many in the military, and under normal conditions (flat terrain or calm seas) the signal from the watch can be picked up as far as 90 nautical miles by a search aircraft. The importance of this innovation was discovered in January of 2003, when two British pilots crashed their helicopter in Antartica and were rescued by crews only after they activated their Breitling Emergency watches. The aircraft that rescued the two men was only able to find them after picking up signals from their watches. While this watch is generally used by military men and women and pilots, it’s available for purchase by regular citizens as well, but normal folk who attempt to purchase the watch must sign a letter of agreement stating that they’ll carry the costs accrued from a rescue intervention should they trigger their distress signal on the watch.

    Though many Breitling watches, such as the ones described above, seem overly technological and not suited for the average individual, the truth is, the brand is also known for producing simply beautiful and functional timepieces. Though pricey, the watches produced by Breitling are the kind of watches that withstand the test of time, making them excellent gifts and true family mementos. For example, the Breitling Women’s Colt Oceane Swiss Automatic Diamond Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is a beautiful, dazzling design that literally sparkles with diamonds. This beautiful watch comes with a matching stainless steel bracelet and boasts a unidirectional rotating bezel that’s studded with diamonds. Diamonds are forever, but this watch will outlast even the hardest of gems. The perfect gift for the love of your life, Breitling watches studded with diamonds are beloved by celebrities across the globe.

    Another great option is the Breitling Women’s Cockpit Swiss Automatic Rose Gold-tone Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. Another beauty, this one melds superior style with timeless execution, putting silver and gold together with a stainless steel case and back that features a matching two-tone bracelet. This watch boasts a unidirectional rotating bezel that features a white dial that hits all the right marks, with Roman numerals at 12:00, 6:00 and 9:00. At all other hours, the watch boasts rose gold-tone index markers. This watch pairs beautifully with a crisp white suit, but looks just as sophisticated with a rocker tee and jeans. No matter what your wife wears, she’ll look great in this timepiece. The best news? Though you’re dropping a lot of dough on it, it’s the sort of piece she can pass down to your daughter, and then to her granddaughter. Unlike cheaper, more easily replaceable pieces of jewelry, Breitling watches are the types of pieces you keep for a long time – they’re in it for the long haul.

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    Necklace Length And Style Options

    The common styles

    Pendant necklaces – Pendant necklaces make very desirable options, especially because it is possible for the pendant to be removed. Some necklaces have pendants included while others don’t but because the pendants are readily available, you can buy as many as you want and use them on the same neck chain to achieve different looks. Think about clasp ends when choosing pendants so you get the perfect fit.

    Station necklaces – They feature large design elements like a bead or pearl link or discs that are separated using short thinner chain lengths. The tin cup necklace remains a very popular style among station necklace styles.

    Lariat necklaces – This type of necklace comes in long lengths and open ends that lack a clasp. The absence of a clasp gives these necklaces versatility because they can be worn in different styles including knotted or doubled just like you would wear a scarf. You can achieve so many configurations with this necklace type making it a necklace that you can wear with any given outfit, whether casual or formal and for any given occasion for that matter.

    Bib necklace – It features a series of nesting beads or chains connected to a single chain. The layered elements are designed in such a way that they rest against the wearer’s chest in different lengths. The chain holding them together begins round the collarbone top and can run around the neck back. Layered chains have gained popularity and feature large sized decorations to give a plain-looking, solid color outfit a touch of elegance and flair.

    Common necklace lengths

    Choker – This kind of necklace is usually 14 inches to 16 inches and embraces the collarbone. It is an attractive, youthful length with pearl chokers making some of the most popular and versatile pieces.

    Collar – They are very short hugging the middle part of the neck and are worn with multiple strands. They are best worn against skin compared to over clothing. The term is generally used to describe bead or pearl necklaces.

    Matinee – These necklace lengths are sophisticated and sexy and usually measure anything between 20 inches and 25 inches. They are classic and very popular because of how refined they look when worn with the right outfits.

    Princes – It is probably the most popular length measuring 18 inches. The fall of the necklace is several inches below the collarbone and pearls are very popular with this length.

    Sautoir – It is any length that is longer than 37 inches. It is also known as the rope and can be worn tripled or doubled depending on the type of layering you want to achieve or the trend that you wish to achieve.

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    Types of Silpada Necklaces

    The Silpada necklaces that come in the form of multiple strings of beads are one of the hottest styles of necklaces that Silpada sells. These styles are popular because they can range in a number of color choices and make a good necklace for those who do not like such metals as sterling silver or gold. These necklaces can be worn with a number of different fashions. You can purchase these pieces and wear them with blue jeans or you can use them with a dress. Either way you will love the Silpada necklaces and will be recommending them to a number of different people.

    Silpada necklaces offer you the option of choosing a gemstone such as a opal or turquoise will fly off the shelf the minute they are released due to the overwhelming need that women have for purchasing and wearing large stones. These gemstones will be worn on a number of different chains. You can purchase these necklaces in a sterling silver Silpada necklace or you can purchase the necklace in the way of a rope chain. The rope chain should be made out of a material that resembles a rope and can be either black or brown and will have a pendant hanging on the rope. These appear to be one of the more popular brands of Silpada necklaces.

    Silpada necklaces are a nice and elegant way to add a small touch to your clothing. It is always about the accessories that we choose to wear when dressing and since a lot of people will see your new piece it would make sense that you want to purchase a simple yet elegant gemstone to accompany your clothing choices. Depending on which gemstone you purchase for your necklace will depend on which clothing choices you will have to choose from. The opal is pretty flexible and can be worn with a number of clothes however a turquoise is not since the color is a greenish blue the choices are limited to what you can wear it with. Look around to be sure that the Silpada necklace you have decided on is flexible enough for you and your needs.

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    Armani Watches Ceramic

    The Emporio Armani brand was created by Giorgio Armani as a brand that would operate separately from the main Giorgio Armani brand. The Emporio Armani brand has become much more than just a Giorgio Armani sub brand. In the late 1990’s the Emporio Armani launched a partnership with Fossil group a small American watch manufacturer to create a range of designer watches, which would carry the Emporio Armani brand into the next millenia. This collaboration has made Fossil Group one of the biggest manufactures of designer watches making such brands as DKNY, Diesel, and its own Fossil range of watches and it has also made Emporio Armani one of the biggest names in the designer watch industry with the Armani watches now becoming just as aspirational as the suits or clothing to the consumer¬†marked the launch of Ceramica a range of Armani sports watches and fashion watches that would be made almost entirely of Ceramic material. Ceramica was launched in May 2010 with a range of 6 watches, priced between ¬£379 and ¬£479 it was believed that Ceramic would be Armani watches attempt to compete with the big brands like Chanel with their J12 and Rado with their Ceramic collection of watches. However with the price tag almost double that of any Armani watch ever made, it was believed that the range could have been a step to far, and so small amounts of this watch range were created to test the water. The scale of demand for these 6 watches was to astound the watch industry and the Fossil group distributors. Within days the entire collection was sold out and retailers and consumers were crying out for more of this new Ceramica range. Especially the white sports chronograph AR1407 and the black ceramic chronograph AR1400, these 2 watches became the must have watches for Christmas and it was only May.

    The Ceramic watch collection was added to with a number of rectangular watches brought out very soon after the AR1400 and the AR1407. However, the massive success has been the round dial Sports Ceramica watches, Armani have found the watch equivalent of the furby, a toy that sent the world round the bend trying to get their hands on one before Christmas. It has taken almost 3 months for Fossil and Emporio Armani to catch up with the demand, but with Christmas coming the demand has increased again and once more Fossil have had to warn their retailers that it will be impossible to keep up with the demand. But to add to all of this Fossil and Emporio Armani have launched an ever newer addition to the Ceramica range, the new AR1410 and the AR1411 and these watches look to add to the strength of this new Emporio Armani watch collection.

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    About Opal Doublets and Triplets


    Doublets generally consist of two individual layers. The first is that of a black backing. This is typically made out of black industrial glass but can also be made of black potch (opal with no ‘play of colour’ and therefore valueless), hard plastic, or brown ironstone. The second layer consists of a thin slice of precious opal. In most cases, these slices will be of white opal or crystal opal. The thickness of this layer will vary from stone to stone but it is generally found to be thicker than in triplets. The edges of the opal slice are generally shaped to give the stone a cabochon look (domed top).

    It is easy to identify a doublet by searching for the place in which the opal slice and the black backing have been glued together. The finest doublets will have a lining that is perfectly straight indicating precision in the attachment process.


    A triplet is similar to a doublet, but consists of three individual layers that are glued together. Like a doublet, a triplet also adopts a black backing, along with a thin slice of opal. The third layer is usually clear glass, plastic capping or quartz cut in the shape of a dome. The clear capping of the third layer may magnify the vibrancy of the opal, but it is meant to protect it from the environment.

    The clear non-opal capping makes it extremely easy for professionals to identify whether a stone is a triplet or not. The way in which the light reflects off these stones is very different from that of other kinds of opals. The value of a triplet will be heavily dependent on the amount of opal used in making the stone, and is usually less than that of a doublet. That being said, such stones are generally found to be more resistant to damage and impact as a result of the extra third layer.

    Caring for Doublets and Triplets

    Since these two kinds of stones use adhesive in their makeup, it is possible that prolonged exposure to water may affect the way in which the stones are held together. When water is infused in between the layers, the stone will take up a ‘foggy’ appearance. It is always recommended to use a damp soft cloth and mild detergent when cleaning these stones, as opposed to more powerful chemicals bleaches and cleaners.

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    Women’s Watches for Winter


    Start your dress watch collection with a Geneva Platinum women’s quartz watch with its Mother-of-Pearl dial and simulated pearls and rhinestones on the band. This isn’t a watch you will wear every day. It has to be the right outfit, but then again, it’s under $50. You don’t need to wear it every day to justify the price. Pair it with a simple dress and let your watch splash the flash.

    Geneva also makes a Platinum Women’s Japanese quartz watch with textured link bracelet – again for under $50. The rectangular links close with a toggle clasp. It comes in all silver or two-toned, silver and gold tones.


    If you are looking for a watch you will wear every day – or a watch that goes with your everyday outfits, then look for a classic style like the Stuhrling Original Women’s Gatsby Swiss quartz watch with the tooled alligator leather strap. For under $150, this watch comes in your choice of a stainless steel case in rose-tone, silver-tone or gold-tone. The rectangular silver-tone dial has a sub-dial at 6:00 and Arabic numerals at 3:00, 9:00 and 12:00. It all comes together with an elegant genuine leather strap with a Stuhrling Original logo-engraved push button deployant clasp.

    For under $100, you can go with a classic like the Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive quartz watch with a black dial and a gold tone case. A square date box at the 3:00 hour keeps you on scheduled. It affixes with a rich brown leather strap. And even better, it features a solar battery that will never need to be changed.


    If you are looking for a watch that will accommodate more than an occasional jog, you should check out the Invicta Mid-size Pro Diver quartz watch with a pearlized dial, stainless steel case and nylon strap. It has a classic round gold-tone stainless steel case with a unidirectional rotating bezel and diver’s scale. The white pearlized dial has luminous index markers at all hours, except the quarter hours. The gold-tone hands show the time in any light. The black nylon strap fits up to an 8 1/2 -inch wrist.


    Looking for a watch that attracts attention? Consider the Adee Kaye women’s Cobra quartz watch with its crystal accents, Mother-of-Pearl dial and embossed leather strap. This is a watch that is equal parts jewelry and timepiece. The beautiful jeweled bezel is made up of 48 eye-catching purple or orange stones. The way the stones are set around the dial resembles flower petals surrounding the flower’s stigma. The brass gold-tone case surrounds a platinum-colored mother-of-pearl dial that features the image of a coiled cobra. The snake is bejeweled with Austrian crystals, as are the hour positions. A Japanese Miyota quartz movement drives the watch. It comes with either a brown or navy leather strap.

    For true glamour, go with a designer watch – like those produced by Gucci. This women’s Twirl Swiss quartz watch has an elegant black dial with the Gucci logo embossed on it and two silver-tone hands. The extra-wide 33mm logo embossed black stainless steel bracelet never lets you forget you are sporting a Gucci timepiece. The same watch is available in a rich, chocolate brown.

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    Sexy Watch for Men

    Do you know that wrist watches are sexy? Or they could be if you like. When I meet a man with a nice wrist watch, I fancy that he removes it slowly before going to bed. If he wears some silly boy’s timepiece, things will begin to turn sour.

    It is important to view your timepieces as an extension of your sexual attraction. You don’t need to worry for this is not about price or famous brand. It doesn’t matter how much you will spend on your watch. The most important thing is that it should be suitable for you. Wrist watches are the only pieces of jewelry I would like to see on men.

    There is a huge selection of styles on the market. But in my opinion, I think men will look the most competent with large strap and large watch dial wrist watches which are the choices of the real man. They will make your wrist look strong.

    Sports Wrist Watch (Silver Is Preferred.)

    Yes. It is the timepiece I would like to see on your wrist. You don’t need to worry about the brands name. Any brand will be OK if it looks elegant and classic in your wrist. You don’t have to spend a small fortune. What matters most is the style.

    Digital Watch

    This watch makes me think of boys in 6th grade. It will make me think of you in the same way if I find a digital watch on you.

    Calculator Watch (also Digital Watch)

    Do the people who have it really use it for calculating? The truth is that all the serious mathematicians usually have expensive and fancy calculators. You will miscalculate with watches which have incredibly tiny buttons.

    Designer or Jewelry

    If you are wearing a jewelry watch, I will think that you are a woman at heart. I have a friend who has some jewelry watches and I always ask him not to wear them whenever he goes out with me. If you are going to meet me, I hope you will not look like Thurston Howell’s lost son.

    Dress Watch (Usually with Leather Straps)

    Many men like wearing these watches. But frankly speaking I don’t like them. These look girlie and flimsy to me. What’s more, leather in my mind is not strong enough.

    Other Factors to Think about:

    Shape – I prefer circular. Square always looks a little bit odd.

    Finish – I think matte is the best because it is the easiest one to keep clean. People always leave greasy fingerprints on shiny surfaces, which is very yuck.

    Gold – Don’t choose gold unless you are going to some special occasions. Because this will make other people think that you want to show off.

    Model Watch – This design makes it impossible to tell time. It is useless. Buy a real timepiece!

    White Watch Dial – This goes well with a sports watch. But you must remember that this doesn’t go with a leather band. The sharp contrast usually will make the watch look cheap.

    Black Watch Dial – I love this for a sports watch. I think it looks sexy.

    Dive Watches – Never buy dive watches unless you know how to apply them. I have asked many men to tell me how dive watches worked. But many of them told me that they had no idea and they just loved the look of their watches.

    Of course, these rules are not always right. Some gold watches are elegant, and some leather watches look perfect on the right wearer. However, if you want to be safe, I advise you to stick with these rules.

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    Give A Necklace For Mother’s Day

    A necklace for Mother’s Day makes a thoughtful but easy gift for you to give. You do not have to worry about getting a gift in the right size, for example, when you select personalized necklaces for this holiday. It is also a gift for which you need not concern yourself about those who are on diets or have food allergies, either, because a lovely necklace for Mother’s Day is not only calorie-free, but a gift that your mother will appreciate and wear all year long.

    It is also especially important to select the right new mom Mother’s Day gift. A new mother will have a lot on her mind with taking care of her new baby, and thus a gift will be particularly touching to her at this busy yet happy time. A necklace and pendant combination makes an outstanding new mom Mother’s Day gift.

    One great design style are necklace hearts. The necklace hearts come in several different types of configurations, so that you can select the ones that your mother will most enjoy wearing. One style has a large silver heart, and within it a smaller heart representing the mother’s children. Each of these smaller hearts can be personalized with a birthstone suitable for each child’s month of birth.

    Another unique pendant look can be found in personalized necklaces that feature an old-fashioned key. The idea behind this necklace is stated in its name-Key To A Mother’s Heart. The top of the key is fashioned into a heart-shaped frame, inside which are birthstones for each child cut into the shape of a heart.

    Every woman loves a locket-style pendant; for Mother’s Day, your locket can be personalized with engraving. When you open this locket, on one side it has an engraved love letter to your mother, and on the other the sentiment, “I love you.”

    For the mother who loves classic styles in necklaces, pearls are the answer. You can find lovely examples made of mother of pearl, and a poem is included in order to give your gift a personalized touch.