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    Amethyst Gemstone

    The beauty simply overruns the commonality.

    Amethyst is found in a host of locations across the world. It may be transparent, and might occur as clusters or single long terminations.

    The violet color in Amethyst is owing to the presence of manganese, while iron in varying amount varies the violet coloration.

    The origins of the word Amethyst arise from the Greek word ametusthos, which means not intoxicated, and the relation between the gemstone Amethyst and being not intoxicated has been a subject to many folklore.

    All through the history, it has been believed that the Amethyst gemstone symbolizes not being drunk, and is a protection against overindulgence.

    Yet another very significant quality of the Amethyst gemstone is that it is known to safeguard an individual against evil thoughts. It simply works towards making one more intelligent and makes men shrewd and smart in business matters.

    It was believed that when a soldier adorned an amethyst gemstone, it protected them from their enemies and ensured victory.

    Amethyst was simply recognized to be the best talisman against witchcraft and black magic. And the wearer steered clear of disease as well.

    Then, at a very spiritual level, the Amethyst gemstone enabled one to create a connection with the divine.

    However in the present times, Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, and it signifies contentment as well.

    But the best quality of an Amethyst stone is its ability to still the mind, as the wearer enters into an advanced meditative state.

    With the high frequency vibrations the amethyst stone emits, all negative energy disappears as a protective shield of light is formed around the body. And resulting from the same, the individual stays cleared and centered, and this makes it easier for one to be spiritually inclined.

    Amethyst is even known to heal the chakras, and in particular works well for the third eye, crown and Etheric Chakras. So it not just boosts one’s cognitive perception, but brings about enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities.

    One builds a higher degree of understanding and compassion.

    And the gemstone brings about more creativity into one’s everyday being. So one could then put thoughts into action and assimilate new ideas as well. The gemstone brings projects to completion, and is a potent talisman of success and focus.

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    Wear a Hat With Style

    If you are interested in wearing hats, my first suggestion is to go to a hat store wearing the type of clothes that you wear most. This is important because your new hat should accent your existing wardrobe, or a particular outfit for which it is bought.

    Once in the store, think about your motivations for getting a hat. Is it for warmth? Style? Protection from the sun? Will it be worn indoors? Or outdoors? The answers to these questions will provide you with the information that can help you make a prudent purchase.

    While there a many kinds of hats, the foremost consideration in wearing a hat should be the fit and comfort. If you don’t know your hat size, ask for a measurement. Depending on the material of the hat, it could have some flexibility. Ideally, your hat should never be too snug (which may cause headaches), or too loose (which may allow it to be blown away in slightly windy conditions).

    I’d suggest trying on any hat that you consider buying even if you know your size because different designers tend to have a variation in fit due to stitching, use of material, manufacturing, or the band in the hat.

    Once trying on the hat, it’s key that you select a hat which complements the shape of your face, and the width of your shoulders.

    People who are slim with oval faces, tend to look best in what’s known as “skinny” brims, while those with more corpulent bodies, can wear wider brims with greater appeal.

    Another consideration for slim, tall people, is to avoid hats which have elongated tops, such as top hats. They will make you look both taller, and skinnier. Such hats work better for shorter men.

    Another consideration is the color of the hat. No other garment is situated as closely to your face as a hat; therefore, choosing hats which highlight the hues of your face is ideal for achieving greater allure. A quick trip to any make-up counter, and a conversation with a clerk will help reveal whether warm or cool colors look best next to your face.

    Nothing changes the perception of a woman more than the right hat. With a wider range of styles and colors to choose from than men, women can create a stylish alter ego with the use of hats to showcase spunk, playfulness, attitude, flair, or sophistication.

    Women, like men, must obey the same fashion rules when it comes to hats: the style of your hat, should match the style of the clothes. This rule will inevitably result in the need for several hats which can be worn in different circumstances.

    While you are in the hat store, try on tons of hats. If you are not accompanied by anyone, ask the store clerk for feedback on how you look in various styles. They know what works – and what doesn’t.

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    About Sterling Silver Necklace

    Sterling Silver Necklace: Choosing the Right Type

    No doubt, the occasion predominate your necklace choice. For instance, a heavy necklace is perfect for a traditional occasion, whereas its thinner, simpler counterpart goes well for a casual or formal event. However, factors such as your shoulders and neck structure must also be considered before finalizing a necklace. If you have broad shoulders, select a broader, longer necklace to look smart and stylish. Thinner, shorter necklaces make you look cramped. Also, prefer broader necklaces if you have a thin neck. Broad necklaces on short and wide necks might look stuffy; instead wear a thin necklace to look chic.

    Sterling Silver Necklace: Reasons for Popularity

    The popularity of sterling silver necklaces, finger rings, earrings and pendants exceeds that of gold jewellery among every age group. Silver has always been in common usage, because it is the cheaper of the two metals. Silver was mostly used in making charms for religious worship or plain good luck charms to ward off evil spirits.

    However, pure silver is very soft. Sterling silver, mixed with metals such as copper, zinc and nickel, is comparatively strong. This alloy signifies unique beauty and elegance that surpasses gold or even pure silver hands down. It has neither the yellow color of gold nor the white of silver. It boasts a cool, metallic shine which adds sophistication and gravity to any attire.

    Sterling Silver Necklace: Hot Picks

    The following are some popular, must-have necklace styles. Necklaces can be divided into two categories – those with pendants and those without them. The former usually have a chain with a heavy, heart-shaped pendant. Crosses, letters or gemstone such as CZ-embellished pendants also go very well with these necklaces.

    The non-pendant ones include wavy, angular Italian-design rosary chains, intricately-designed filigree-work or a simple chain-link work for an elegant look. These necklaces are a signature style for workplace wear. Choose the single square and oval links for an evening wear. Double chains with different designs woven through each other also make an innovative wear.

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    Diamond Choker Necklaces

    When it comes to the different styles that you can find when it comes to a diamond choker necklace, the difference usually lies in the kind and cuts of diamonds used, the accompanying metals, the cut of the necklace itself and the adornments or pendant used. All these are important details that you must take note of when you are going to shop for jewelry given that buying one is no joke considering how much jewelry costs. It would definitely be of great benefit to you if you read up on the technical aspects of jewelry so you wouldn’t end up buying something that is not well worth your hard earned money.

    It doesn’t automatically mean that just because the diamonds used on the diamond choker necklace that you are planning to get glistens like the morning sun means that it’s already worth hundreds of thousand s of dollars. On the contrary, diamonds aren’t really supposed to sparkle like glass, if what you are looking at does, then chances are that’s made of glass. Make sure to start reading up on the various cuts and class of diamonds out there as well as the colors. Try to find out the ones that are more costly as well as how to detect if a gem is just a cubic zirconia or the real thing.

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    Clean Pandora Style Beads

    Despite their recent popularity, Pandora style beads have actually been around for a number of years, since they were invented in Europe. In fact, Pandora style beads are sometimes alternatively referred to a European style beads, because this reflects their historical point of origin. Although they may still be referred to as European style beads today, the beads which you ultimately purchase may not come from Europe at all! There are skilled bead makers from all over the globe who are working to create bead of this style, and add their own unique touches to a style which has developed enduring popularity. Some of the finest quality European-style beads actually come from countries such as far afield as Nepal, where brilliant, sparkling facet glass beads are often handmade by artisanal craftspeople.

    If you decide to make a Pandora style bracelet, it is important that you care for it properly, because this sort of bracelet is highly sought after. Luckily, it is really easy to clean this type of bracelet. All you need to clean your bracelet is a small amount of soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush. The water should not be cold, or it will not clean the dirt off of the bracelet properly, but on the other hand, overly hot water may damage the glue used in the bracelet, depending on what style of bead you have opted for. Hot water is a particularly bad idea on beads which have multiple facet surfaces.

    If the bracelet is only a little bit dirty, you will just need to give the Pandora style beads a gentle scrubbing with the toothbrush, and then rinse them off using a bit of clean water, so that you will not be left with any soapy residue. Do not be tempted to scrub too hard, nor should you use a toothbrush with very hard bristles for this task, or you risk damaging or scratching the beads. If the bracelet is covered in harder, caked-on dirt, you can soak it in the warm water for 5 to 10 minutes before you give it a gentle scrub, followed by a rinse in clean water. Soaking the bracelet should help you to dislodge any leftover dirt, without doing any damage to the bracelet.

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    About Victorian Bridal Necklaces

    Victorian bridal necklaces include many Austrian crystal designs in red, white and blue colours. These appealing and attractive styles draw attention with their sparkling brilliance. These gorgeous styles also include the “chandelier style” denoting the classical glamour and elegance associated with the Victorian age. Brass-plated and silver-plated engravings spark a traditional memory of times past.

    Victorian designs also use numerous exquisite filigree techniques for beautiful ornamental works, which draw everyone’s attention to the lovely wife-to-be. Victorian jewelry favours large jewels in order to make a dramatic entrance for any adorned lady.

    Victorian bridal necklaces celebrate femininity through lovely styles; such as the lacy necklaces, curled in floral patterns, dainty and simple. The Victorian style can be gentle with “butterfly” and “fairy” tendencies demonstrating a delicate flair. Victorian necklaces use hearts to draw out the emotional sensibilities of love or the “tear drop” style, which offers a gentle and natural touch to any bridal necklace. This style had many different expressions including a favoured position given to cameos and brooches.

    The stunning Victorian bridal necklaces include the choker styles, which display elegance snuggling the neck with a tight, concentrated brilliance; through designs full of rose-colored crystal mixed with gold and silver. The simpler rhinestone version is also available.

    Choose from a single, double or triple strand of pearls to accentuate the bride’s intrinsic beauty. These elegant, amazing, sparkling necklaces will add sophistication to any wedding ceremony.

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    Fedoras & Floppy Hats

    The floppy has its origins in the 19th century. They’ve been in and out of fashion in the past. In 1969 Julie Christie wore floppy hats, in 1969 Faye Dunawy thrilled her fans wearing a big brim floppy.

    The shape of the floppy hat flatters almost every face shape. The floppy hat is versatile and can evoke hippiedom, glamour, sophistication, casual.

    Spice it up with color or tone it down with neutral colors. Theres big floppies, small floppies. There’s tall ones, short ones. One for every face shape. The Crhistian Dior spring collection features floppy hats.

    The fedora initiated in men’s fashion popularized by actors such as Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. Now this isn’t the first time the fedora has made it into women’s fashions.

    In 1964 Sophia Loren wore a fedora, and in 1966 Liza Manneli touted a fedora. Well now in 2005 it’s open season for all us gals. They give women a mysterious look.

    In 2003 over $1 billion dollars was spent on womans hats. Wowzer – who would have thought. Now with floppy hats and fedoras being front and center state that figure is estimate to grow substantially.

    So get on the band wagon or should we say hat wagon for the upcoming spring and summer season.

    Find yourself a couple of floppy hats or fedoras that suit your fashion style. Fun, Sexy, and Sophisticated all in one!

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    Solitaire Earrings

    Solitaire Stud Earrings

    Solitaire stud earrings have always made a wonderful wedding day present or when celebrating a special milestone in life with a cherished one. Treating yourself to a pair of those dazzlers is also a great idea.

    Finding Solitaire Earrings

    Here are our top various reasons to add them to your jewellery box right away. What makes a pair of diamond solitaire earrings so special is that you should do so very little to enhance its beauty, which makes them among the best additions to any diamond jewellery collection. Nothing conveys class and sophistication more than a simple pair of diamond solitaire stud earrings. In this era, a pair of solitaire diamond studs still holds the most merit with regards to value. Simple in design, they are a versatile accessory that may complement most looks and styles. They work well with everything and may be cherished and worn again and again.

    Solitaire Diamond Studs: A Timeless Classic Option

    Regardless of the outfit or occasion, a magnificent piece of jewellery like this will always attract attention and admiration. The durable nature of diamonds is such that theirs beauty will never diminish with wear. This makes a pair of solitaire diamond studs extremely attractive and desirable. Irrespective of design, they’re a prevalent selection and a timeless classic as they concentrate on the beauty of your diamond. Solitaires have stood the test of time and there is every reason to add it to your collection. With an understated look, they are an excellent option for regular wear as well as special occasions.

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    Rolex Accessories

    Primarily, three basic bracelet styles are available with Rolex wristwatches. They are:

    Oyster Bracelet: Perhaps the most popular and identifiable Rolex bracelet style. It easily can be distinguished from other bracelet styles by its broader polished center links set off by narrower brushed finish links on the sides.

    Rolex offers some great jewelry options in the Oyster bracelet. If you want to go for an expensive and exclusive option in Oyster bracelets, you can select any one of the following –

    1. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100/174/270/286 round shaped diamonds
    2. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100 pink sapphires
    3. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100 sky-blue sapphires
    4. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 174 small round shaped diamonds and 14 large diamonds/emeralds/rubies/sapphires

    Jubilee Bracelet:- The Jubilee bracelet was introduced in 1945 when Rolex rolled out one of its most popular watch models: The Datejust. This bracelet style renders a very stylish look to the watch. You can identify the Jubilee bracelet by its center link that comprises of three separate lines of highly polished links. On the sides of the center link are narrower links with brushed finish.

    Of all varieties available in the Jubilee bracelet, those available in bark finish are a consistently popular style. Jubilee bracelets also offer jewelry options such as the following:

    1. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100/174/270/286 round shaped diamonds
    2. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100 pink sapphires
    3. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 100 sky-blue sapphires
    4. Super Oyster Karat embedded with 174 small round shaped diamonds and 14 large diamonds/emeralds/rubies/sapphires

    President Bracelet: The President Bracelet was introduced with the Rolex Day-Date models in 1954. This bracelet became popular for its powerful appearance. It features polished center links perfectly complemented by the brushed finish links on two sides of the center links, similar to those in Oyster bracelets. However, the difference between the Oyster and President bracelets lies in the number of links. In the case of President bracelets, there are more number of links (23 or 24 in Men’s Day-Date models and 36 in ladies Presidential models) as opposed to the Oyster bracelets that usually come with only 12 or 13 links. This is because, the links in the Oyster bracelets are larger than those in the President bracelets.

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    Wholesale Earrings

    Wholesale earrings can come plated in gold, silver, and even platinum. Since the manufacturing process has greatly evolved in recent years, the chances of the plating diminishing to reveal the unsightly metal underneath are extremely minute. An assortment of different karat ratings are available for the choosing, from 18k to as high as 24k. If you want to add yet another element of beauty, synthetic stones are also available to complement the sparkle and shine of the ring. Most often, cubic zirconium stones are the prime choice for this. They are inexpensive, very durable, and appear to be diamonds from just about any angle they are examined from. You are bound to find a tasteful yet affordable piece with all these options available.

    If you have a more eccentric person in your family, they might enjoy some of the more modern styles available. For instance, hip hop jewellery has proven to be a major hit among the younger generation. Earrings styled per this standard are often studded with stones to create a powerful sparkle that is visible a good distance away. A range of different designs are available. At a more basic level, you will find square earrings that are studded with different colored stones. More intricate designs come in the shape of peace signs or stars. The selection can be truly overwhelming, but this only means that you are guaranteed to eventually find the perfect gift.

    You should not be concerned with the overall durability of your gift. Unless whole earrings are subjected to extremely rough conditions, they can be enjoyed for years to come. With regular cleaning, they will continue to dazzle others.