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    What Kind of Jewelry Must Women Have?

    When it comes to the male and female gender, the female gender is more attracted to jewelry and uses more jewelry than men. Furthermore, there are also many more types and designs of jewelry that men can’t use compared to the ones that women can’t use. For instance, a few decades ago, it is believed that wristwatches with big faces are meant for men, while wristwatches with small and tiny faces are meant for women. Today, a lot of women wear wristwatches with a big face. It would, however, look weird to see a man wearing a wristwatch with a tiny face. As a woman or a woman’s lover, you might want to know what kind of jewelry a woman should have so that you can stock up on it for yourself or your spouse. The different types of earring a woman can have are explained below.


    The Earring is easily the most popular type of jewelry among women. Even when they are not putting on any other type of jewelry, you would almost always find a woman putting on earrings. The earring is used to adorn the ears and it comes in different sizes, shapes, designs, and made from different materials including gold and silver. Thus, as a woman, not only must you have earrings in your collection but you should have a minimum of 5 to 10 different types that you can choose from when you are going for an outing. Having different types of earrings would imply that whenever you need to go on an outing, you should be able to find a perfect earring that would suit that event and what you are wearing to the events. This is as opposed to having one and not being able to use it optimally every time because they simply do not match the event you want to wear it t or the clothes you are wearing, but you can’t change it because it is the only one you have or can access then.


    The Necklace is another very popular type of jewelry for women. The necklace is worn on the neck and could come with or without pendants. A lot of women who want to feel sexy and want to draw attention to their cleavages can easily achieve this with a necklace with a pendant. All they have to do is rest the pendant of the necklace in between the cleavage and the attention of everyone will be drawn to it. That aside, necklaces are beautiful adornments for the neck. If you want to buy jewelry, you might want to consider patronizing Tulsa Body jewelry after reading Tulsa Body jewelry reviews.


    A wristwatch is one of the few pieces of jewelry that could be said to have a real use apart from the fact that they act as adornment for our hands, they help us to keep track of time. However, with the advent of mobile phones, it is easy to use the mobile phone as a timepiece too since we take them everywhere. However, several people have continued to wear wristwatches because their usefulness is not limited to just checking time but also for its adornment purpose. Some people argue that not every wristwatch is jewelry and only expensive or antique times. However, some believe every wristwatch passes as jewelry. Thus, a wristwatch is a type of jewelry every woman should have, especially those who don’t like to use bracelets.


    Every woman should also have bracelets as part of their jewelry collection. Bracelets are beautiful adornments for the wrist that every woman should invest in. There are different types, designs, and sizes of bracelets. For instance, some bangles are tiny and you can put on many of them at the same time. There are also the bigger bracelets that you just wear one at a time or one each on both hands. Some of the bracelets are circular and go all the way around while others do not go all the way around.


    The anklet is another type of jewelry that women should have, even though it is a bit controversial. In different countries, there are different rumors associated with those that wear anklets. Some are of the view that women who wear anklets are lesbians and wearing it so that other lesbians can identify them. Some others believe that anklets are worn by married women who want to have a fling with another man, not their husband or by prostitutes and ladies looking for a man they would have a fling with. However, none of these is completely true. If you love anklets and do not mind a few prying eyes if you reside in an area where such rumors are rife, then you can by all means buy and use them. You can always refuse unwanted advances when they come up.


    The Ring is another beautiful jewelry for women. However, when you are single and willing to mingle, you should avoid wearing rings that would suggest you are in a relationship or married. This could ward off potential suitors who might not want to bug a woman who is already in a relationship. Thus, even if you love rings, you might want to limit its usage until after you are engaged or married. Alternatively, you should avoid wearing them in the middle and ring finger that is reserved for engagement and wedding rings respectively.

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    Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Jewelry?

    Nobody would ever want their beloved jewelry to get damaged. But with time and use, it is an almost inevitable end every jewelry will have to face. But damaged jewelry is almost useless. It runs the risk of further damage like losing some pearls, having a gem fall out among other unfortunate possibilities. Hence, you must maintain safe practices that will prolong the life of your jewelry especially when you have it on. In the unfortunate event that it gets damaged, then you need a professional jewelry repair Dallas to fix the damaged or simply visit a jewelry shop to have it replaced with something new.

    As easy as it sounds, deciding to repair or replace broken jewelry is not quite as easy. There are several factors to consider. Sometimes, repairing is a wise decision. However, in some cases, it is a mere waste of cash and time. Here is a simple breakdown of important factors to consider that will help you with making a smart decision.

    Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Broken Piece of Jewelry


    This is the first thing that comes to mind when you have to deal with a broken piece of jewelry. Price is a factor that can affect your decision to either sell or repair. Most times if repair is cheap and money is a concern, the most obvious choice is to simply repair.

    But not all repairs are cheap. There are certain high-end pieces that will cost quite a lot to repair so much that trying to repair the piece makes no sense at all. If the piece can still be sold, you will just need to able to add some money and buy a new one instead.

     How much can you expect to spend on repairing your jewelry? Read here https://blog.longsjewelers.com/jewelry/how-much-jewelry-repair to find out.


    The value of a piece of jewelry most times goes beyond its surface price. The real value of jewelry depends on the story behind it. It is easy to simply replace a fashionable earring you bought at a street fair. But most people would rather repair a precious family heirloom or even an engagement ring than sell it.

    But while sentiments can be a reason for keeping jewelry, on rare occasions it can also be a reason to sell as well. You will most likely be eager to let go of a piece of jewelry with a bad history or associated with a sad memory rather than repairing and keeping it.

    Similarly, some items are simply irreplaceable for several reasons. This could be because it is so rare and buying the same type of jewelry will be too expensive. In an unfortunate case that such a rare piece of jewelry becomes broken for any reasons. Buying a new one is simply not an option. Instead, you will have to take it to a repair shop and hope that the damage can be fixed.

    Opportunity to purchase a new one

    In some case, a broken piece of jewelry is an opportunity to purchase a new one. If the jewelry is old and worn already or you have been contemplating replacing it with a new one all along, the damage is the perfect excuse to let go of it. In a case when replacing the item is an opportunity to upgrade to a piece of higher quality jewelry or a more updated version of the same jewelry, it is simply a wise thing to do. Of course, the cost of a new one becomes a major factor here. If you have decided to buy a new jewelry, you can read this simple guide to get started https://www.moneytalksnews.com/5-tips-for-buying-jewelry/.

    Extent of damage

    If your jewelry has sustained only minimal damage you can simply fix and carry on using it. Not all damages can be fixed. Even for minimal damages that can be easily fixed, repairing might not be a smart decision for several reasons. Repairing a broken chain, ring or earring makes it prone to damage in the future. Worst still, the future damage might be worse than it already is. Hence before you make a decision to either repair or replace, you should have the repair expert evaluate the extent of damage and advice you on the best line of action.

    Possibilities of selling

    There are times you need to repair and restore a piece of jewelry not because you intend to keep on using it but to improve the chances of selling it for a good price. Instead of simply abandoning and old piece of jewelry and buying a new one, you can have it restored by an expert jeweler and sell it. However, be sure that it will still fetch a good price if it restored hence your investment will simply be a waste of money. Read this article before you sell your jewelry online.


    Even in the hands of professional jewelers, jewelry repair takes sometimes. In most cases, it is meticulously done by hand with each piece fitted back into place painstakingly. There are situations when this isn’t a problem and you are willing to wait. In some cases, however, (say you want to wear the jewelry for an important event) you might not have the time to spare to wait for a repair. When replacement is a faster option and you can afford it, you will most likely decide to buy a new one instead of waiting around for a piece of old jewelry.


    There are very solid points to consider on either side of the argument. At the end of the day, your decision to either sell, repair or replace a broken piece of jewelry depends first on its value than on the cost of doing so. You will also have to determine if a repair will be worth based on the extent of damage, intricacy of repair among other factors. After putting all these factors into consideration, you should be able to tell if repairing is a better economic decision than simply buying a new one in place of it.

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    Men and Earrings

    At one time, metal men’s earrings were considered to protect the person from evil spirits. Such ancient customs demonstrate why gold and silver hoops are among the most well-liked men’s earring style. Ear-lobes were perhaps man’s first shot at body piercing. In 1991, the oldest mummified body on earth was discovered in a Glacier in Austria. According to the tests the body was more than 5000 years old; it had pierced ears with holes that were enlarged to seven to eleven mm diameter.

    In the west, the fascination of earrings for women can perhaps be dated to the 1920’s in Western Europe. As for men’s earrings in the west, ear piercing began to get popular towards the middle of 20th century. Earlier, ear piercing was done with the help of a safety pin for making holes in the ear. However, in recent times better practices are being used such as ear guns to set in earrings in one’s ears. Moreover, during the flamboyant 1980’s, men’s earrings became even more popular with the famous musicians, entertainers, performers and athletes often flaunting them. Normally, two kinds of men’s earrings are available- studs and hoops.

    As ear piercing for men began to get popular, most of them were seen sporting a single stud in only one ear. At that time, it was considered a taboo for males to sport studs or hoops in both their ears, or in just right ear. However, now you would find a number of men with more holes in their ears than even some women! There are some who believe that men’s earrings denote homosexuality. In fact many heterosexual males simply like to sport earrings. Ear piercing is, in fact, a more or less universal practice for both women and men; it’s only in the west that some considered it effeminate.

    In the past, men adorned themselves in elaborate earrings even in the western society. For instance, during the Elizabethan period several well-known men including Sir Walter Raliegh, Francis Drake and Shakespeare wore gold earrings. It is argued, while the Roman Republic turned more effeminate with luxury and wealth, earrings became more popular among males than females!

    Today, its not just well-groomed urbanites who are seen wearing jewellery, indeed, in the streets, men’s earrings are thought to symbolise toughness. Some think men’s earrings play up sexuality while retaining masculinity, often making a man appear cool and a lot snazzier. Be it diamond, platinum, gold or silver, or even semi-precious stones, men’s earrings have become essential pieces of men’s jewellery.

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    Gift of Earrings For an Engagement Party

    Earrings are works of art born from the inspiration of jewelry makers, they evolve and follow trends, but classic earrings also keep their standing. Earrings with sophisticated settings and shapes will always be used for special events in one’s life, or for the day when a women feels a little “retro”. Gemstones and pearls earrings style early 20th century have many admirers among women. Depending on the feeling of the moment and the tone you want to impart to the moment women will wear earrings that most reflect their personality. Studs take the shape of discrete motifs to dress the lobe with a little stone or a pearl. Long hoop earrings come on the scene then disappear, only to make a come back again and again. Gold hoops, silver hoops, these earrings can take any dimension, from small to the super-size. Drop earrings can be short or long, and their shape can be as fantastic as you want. They always add a sparkle of movement that light up the face, regardless of the materials used.

    To choose the kind of earrings that will symbolize the beginning of a life shared, the choice you make depends first and foremost on your style and your personality. To mark the day it is best to choose a beautiful set of earrings that will sublimate you without need of any other jewelry. A diamond set whether one solitaire or a few small stones would have a more symbolic value. She will wear them on the wedding day and for all occasions that will mark her life.

    For a young women who is discrete under all circumstances it is best not to choose a flashy type of earrings. Gold earrings or silver earrings set with a single shiny stone will bring out all the charm of this personality.

    Gentlemen, can depending on their family heritage, in some cases offer earrings that belonged to a family member. Such family heirlooms are passed from generation to generation.

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    Pros and Cons of Custom Jewelry

    Use the services of a professional

    You want to find a jewelry store that has a designer in place that has the experience and know-how to create the unique pieces of jewelry. It helps to search for the independent or specialist store that has the jeweler in place that can help to create the custom ring that matches the specific needs. Most of the jewelry stores are entirely retail-oriented and only stock the standard pieces.

    What are the pros?

    The ability to personalize jewelry can have plenty of benefits. One of the major benefits is the ability to own a piece of jewelry that is able to have a greater reflection of your individuality or personal style. For those that have a taste that is less mainstream, this may be the only solution to get the jewelry that fully complements the look you are attempting to obtain. Other benefits include the ability to have the one-of-a-kind or unique piece that perfectly matches your interests. Also, it is possible to get a piece created that symbolizes your dedication or love to another person.

    What are the cons?

    Even though there are plenty of benefits of investing in a fine piece of custom jewelry, there are also a few downsides that should be considered.

    One of the first things noticed with the custom jewelry is the cost. Getting a piece of jewelry made with a bespoke design is significantly more expensive than buying the off-the-shelf items. Although the cost may not be too high if you are looking for the less elaborate designs. Additionally, the piece of jewelry is being made to order which means it can take a while to be ready. For the more complex pieces it may take up to 12 months to be ready to collect. Also, there is a need to visit the jeweler on several occasions to put the ideas across on the preferred look and style of the jewelry piece.

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    Jewelry Shops

    Firstly, it is important to select a jeweller that can offer a range of services. They should have the ability to purchase items, to refit them and even repair items that have been damaged. The ability to offer this range of services means that they care deeply about the products that they sell. It also means that you will have identified a specialist who will support your ongoing jewellery needs.

    Secondly, it is vital that the Company have a showroom. This will enable you to browse their extensive range of jewellery. There should be a variety of pieces that are tailored to fit varying budgets.

    Thirdly, the shop that you select should have individuals that are able to offer detailed advice when selecting your pieces. This service should be friendly and professional. Purchasing jewellery can often be a large investment so time and advice should be offered without exception.

    Fourthly, it is important to ensure that your selected Company has a website. It is likely that top-quality shops will have the provision of an online store. This enables you to peruse their pieces at your leisure and will offer assurance in relation to quality and prices. A positive online presence offers further confirmation as there are many opportunities for other individuals to review any Company.

    Fifthly, if there is a provision to purchase online individuals should have the opportunity to select a payment method that is best-suited to them. Your chosen shop should have easily identifiable contact details with a range of methods. You should always be able to make contact with the staff and any queries should be answered quickly and comprehensively.

    Lastly, it is important that you select a shop that is well-established and can show evidence of their experience. When making contact with your chosen outlet, take the opportunity to speak with them in length. You will get a good sense of their ethics and business practice in the way that they deal with your enquiry.

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    Pearl Color

    Body color

    The body color is the main color of the pearl. White, silver, gold, blue, green, cream, and even black. The body color is determined by the type of oyster or mollusk that the pearl came from, the condition of the waters, and sometimes the object that was put in the oyster can all have an effect on the out come of the pearl color. Certain oysters produce pearls of a certain color.

    Over Tones

    Over tones are the translucent color over the top of the body color. These over tones alter the color of the pearl some what. The over tone will also add depth, and glow to the pearl.


    Means the iridescent colors which glitter, the layers of nacre (mother of pearl) reflect the light through the many layers of nacre.

    Many pearls are color treated this is used often with fresh water, akoya, and sometimes Tahitian pearls. The color is infused by a treatment known as dying, putting the pearls to irradiation. You can find out if a pearl is treated by looking down the drill hole you will be looking for concentrations of color which indicate the presence of dye.

    Naturally black akoya, and fresh water pearls do not exist. If black pearls are offered of this variety they are always color treated.

    For any one who is looking for a classic, and elegant piece of jewelry pearls are a must have jewelry stable that every women should have at least one stand in her jewelry collection.

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    Baltic Amber Jewelry

    It’s old… like really old! (Someone ask me how old… )

    Now when we say that the amber has fossilised over a long period of time, we mean a really really long period of time. Baltic amber comes from ancient forest resin and is approximately 44 million years old! Each little bead is like a piece of prehistoric history to adorn your body with.

    More colour than your Nan’s tie-dyed Woodstock outfit!

    As if this all wasn’t cool enough to begin with, Baltic amber also comes in a number of colours, ranging from milky white, to lemon yellow, to dark red, and even black This makes for a great range of colour preferences, and also allows for some really cool combinations to be made.

    While many people wonder if there are differences between the different colours of Baltic amber, there is no information nor reason to believe that they vary in Succinic Acid content. The difference seems to only extend to visual appearances.

    However keep in mind that some colours, such as pale milky white, are actually very rare. This means some colours do come at a premium price as compared to others.

    Even our ancient ancestors liked to feel better! (I know surprising, right?)

    Use of Baltic amber as a natural folk medicine dates back thousands of years. Amber extracts were used from the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece (c 400 BC) for a wide variety of ailments, with use continuing through the Middle Ages and up to the modern period. Ailments it was used for includes: teething and other pains; protection against disease; treatment for throat, ear, and eye disease; stomach ailments; and more.

    And it works… because?

    The active ingredient for Baltic amber is a compound called Succinic Acid. While the name may sound confronting, it is not corrosive nor irritating for skin to contact. Baltic amber is composed of roughly 3-8% of this compound, which actually has a faint smell similar to pine. When worn as jewellery, the active ingredient is slowly secreted from the beads and enter the body through the skin. This means the wearer does not need to suck or chew on the jewellery, just wear it and look great in the process.

    The US Food and Drug Administration have analysed Succinic Acid and have recognised it as being a safe food additive and dietary supplement. It is not known generally as being likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction from ingestion nor contact.

    OK that’s what Hippocrates said… but what about someone less fossilized and more qualified?

    While Baltic amber has been used as a remedy for thousands of years, in this modern era it is preferred by many to have scientific studies which quantify the exact effectiveness of health care products. Unfortunately, while studies have been conducted to determine the product is safe and allergen free, to date there has been a distinct lack of studies to determine what health benefits Baltic amber may offer. This means that while Baltic amber has not been proven to be effective for treating any ailments, it also has not been dis-proven as an effective remedy either.

    Currently all anyone has to work with is the testimonies and experiences of people who have tried it out for themselves.

    Raw vs Polished… that’s like raw steak or… actually I don’t get it?

    Apart from the obvious differences for colour, Baltic amber jewellery suppliers also offer the choice between Raw and Polished amber. What this is referring to is if the beads are simply shaped and left as is (Raw), or if they are shaped and then buffed to produce a smoother appearance (Polished). In effect, Polished amber will appear more transparent and shiny, where as Raw will have a more frosted glass appearance. These differences do not extend to the actual feel of the beads, as both are smooth to touch, and in a blind test you probably won’t be able to tell them apart.

    Another difference between Raw and Polished comes back to the Succinic Acid content. While there are no studies available to quantify any difference, it is speculated by some that the polishing process may reduce the amount of Succinic Acid which is available at the surface of the beads by rubbing it away. However it is known that both Raw and Polished still contain the compound, which can be confirmed by simply rubbing the jewellery and smelling the faint pine like scent.

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    Pieces Of Jewelry For Men


    The ring that you wear shows your personality. As a man, you can wear any type of a ring from a simple one to a complex, high-end designer piece. The best rings to go for are those made from gold, silver, or diamond. When it comes to wedding rings, go with simple bands with your favorite color.


    A man’s necklace runs from 18-24 inches in length. When wearing the necklace you need to ensure that the unit lies above the sternum without hugging your neck. The most popular units are chains and leather cords. The cool thing about them is that you can wear them without pendants. When wearing a necklace, don’t shy from customizing via engraving or any other way.


    Bracelets for men are the latest jewelry trends. There are gold, diamond, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, rubber, leather and even silver bracelets in the market that you can go for. Just like in women, bracelets aid in adding a bit of shine to your outfit. If you want to appear hip and youthful go for a braided leather unit.


    Yes, earrings are no longer a preserve for women. Most men are also wearing them. You can wear one ring in one lobe or done two rings on both lobes. When buying the units ensure that they aren’t too big for you thus uncomfortable to wear. Also, consider allergic reactions when wearing the pieces. Most people have been reported to be allergic to silver thus be careful when wearing the ring.


    You wear cuff links with a French-cuff shirt. The cool thing about them is that you don’t have to wear a certain cuff link with a specific shirt-you can alternate them. While they aren’t versatile, they are diverse thus you can find almost any type of cuff link that you want. They are made from different materials including: gold, silver, titanium, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten, and even gold. Most cufflinks are accented with sapphires, topaz, pearls, glass, rubies and crystal. You only need to choose the one that is ideal for you.

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    Make Your Jewelry Shine

    Go for the multipurpose baking soda.

    Baking soda has tons of uses and it will prove to be a practical solution for this job as well. It is especially good to remove that unwanted tarnish that silver can get. Just prepare a paste by adding a couple tablespoons of water to ¼ cup of baking soda.

    Then all you need to do is to rub smoothly and rinse. Then dry it off with a clean tissue. Be extra careful if the jewellery features gemstones as you don’t want to take them off their setting.

    Brush the dull off.

    Toothpaste is great for jewellery care and it works for all types of items. Get a toothbrush with medium hard bristles and you’ll see how the residue comes off immediately.

    This works also for silverware or jewellery that contains any type of gems, including opaque stones like pearl or opal. Just make sure to go for a softer toothbrush and the toothpaste will do its magic just fine.

    It’s recommended to go for simple white toothpaste. Colourful abrasive particles might get in the tiny spaces of the designs or underneath the gemstone and it will take longer to get them out.

    Clean it with gentle household products like window cleaners.

    This works for metal items or pieces that don’t contain delicate gemstones. Avoid using this method for organic gemstones as the ingredients might be too harsh and trigger discolorations.

    Prepare some soapy water.

    The good old soap and water mix will be ideal even for the most delicate surfaces. Go for mild soap and immerse the jewellery in the soapy water.

    Rub them a bit using a clean cloth and all the traces of sweat or dirt will vanish. Remember to let them properly air dry before storing them, especially if the items include gemstones.

    Beer can come at handy too.

    This alcoholic beverage is suitable for cleaning solid gold jewellery that’s free of any gemstones. Add some to a cloth and rub. Go for the traditional golden pale lager (also known as Pilsner) and avoid dark ales, flavoured colourful beers or anything else as they could contain caramel or artificial colourings that could stain.