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    Maintaining Pearl Jewelry

    Stay away from acids

    If you have ever seen the grammar school science experiment involving an egg and vinegar, you’ll remember that the acid in the vinegar dissolved the shell and left a naked egg. That is because the egg shell is made of calcium. Your pearls are made of calcium carbonate too. That is why you want to avoid acids. When we think of acid, we usually picture something dangerous, however, we use acidic substances every day. In addition to vinegar, acids in our homes can include chlorine and citrus fruits. Our sweat also has an acidic pH which is why, “Pearls are the last thing you should put on and the first thing to take off,” is advice that has been handed down for generations. Avoid overnight wearing and always make sure to wipe the pearls off with a soft cloth before storing.

    Washing your pearls

    Occasionally, you may need to wash your pearls. The best way to wash pearls is with a soft cotton cloth dampened with lukewarm distilled water. Tap water has chlorine which can damage your pearls. Gently rub the pearls until they are clean. If just water won’t clean them, you can use a natural soap as well. Stay away from steam, detergents and jewelry cleaners that do not specifically say they are safe for pearls. If the pearls are in a necklace, make sure not to pull or stretch the string in between, especially if they are not individually knotted. This can cause wear to the string and cause the strands to break. No one wants to crawl around searching for their pearls.

    How to store your pearls

    The best investment to store pearls is a soft cloth of silk, satin, or cotton. These can usually be found at your jewelers. Avoid storing your pearls in plastic as the chemicals released over time can destroy your pearls. You also want to store each of your pearl items individually. The nacre of pearls is hard, but in comparison to the metals and other gemstones in jewelry, it is quite soft and can be easily scratched. Do not store pearls in a dry space or safety deposit box – pearls need moisture. Of course, the best way to keep them hydrated is to wear them!

    Be selective with certain pieces

    Because pearls are a softer gem, you’ll want to make sure that you are limiting the use of rings and bracelets. Not only are you more likely to scratch a pearl ring or bracelet, you are also more likely to soil them. Save your rings and bracelets for special occasions. Earrings and necklaces are much better for daily wear, however, make sure that you are not wearing them when you apply makeup, hair products, or perfume.


    The best way to take care of your pearls is to make sure to check them at regular intervals. Make sure strands holding the pearls are still strong and supple. Make sure that pearls in settings are not loose. For stranded pearls, you should have them restrung by a jeweler every few years. Especially if you wear them a lot. Individually knotting them is more expensive but it pays off in the end. Having pearls on necklaces and bracelets individually knotted is more secure in case you do have a break. Better to lose one pearl than to lose all of them.

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    Rhodium Jewelry Plating

    Rhodium is nothing but a silver – white substance, and it is considered as a metamorphosis metal on the periodic table. It belongs to the family of platinum along with ruthenium and osmium. It is also considered as a rare and precious metal.

    Depending on the market value, Rhodium is often the most costly and precious metals; an ounce is usually priced between $2500 to $3000, but the price can vary widely. Rhodium is an extremely durable metal and resistant to scratches and tarnish and its characteristics are enormously reflective to highlight.

    Rhodium plating and how it is done?

    Rhodium plating which is also known as rhodium flashing is a technique that costs a fine layer of the metal over platinum, white gold, and silver Jewellery to enhance their shine and performance. This technique of plating is temporary and might wear off in time. The durability depends on the usage and the thickness of the original plating. For instance, a wedding ring which is used daily might require another plate in 2 – 3 years. If the plating which was performed initially was thin, extremely, an extra plating might be needed in the next few months to 1 year.

    Jewellery plating solutions and re- plating them don’t consume time and most professional jewelers provide this service.

    The thickness of Rhodium plating

    Rhodium plating should ideally be from 0.75 to 1.5 microns. That is, the coating must be the thickness of your hair, which is approximately hundred microns.

    The cost of Rhodium plating.

    To ensure quality plating at an increased thickness might cost $150 to $250 dollars. Thicker plating which might wear off in a few months might cost you around $30 to $40 dollars.

    Tips for buying Rhodium plated Jewellery

    Jewellery sellers and retailers are not always upfront about this metal treatment on their pieces – this is especially fact – based for sellers that specialize in cheap white gold and silver pieces of rhodium plated metal pieces such as copper and nickel. If you buy a piece accidentally that is treated with a thin layer, then you can notice it shine is dulled and becoming discolored. So to avoid such mistakes, buy a Jewellery piece that has a thick coating of rhodium.

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    Celtic Cross Jewelry

    The symbolism of Celtic cross jewelry:

    There are many explanations for why Celtic cross jewelry looks like it does. The most common theory is that the circle represents the sun, worshipped by the pagan Celts, and that the early Christian missionaries incorporated it into the cross as a way to convert the pagans. Another legend says that St. Patrick, while preaching to the Celts, was shown a sacred standing stone marked with a circle, representing the moon goddess. St. Patrick drew a Latin cross through the circle and blessed the sacred stone, thereby creating the first Celtic cross. There are many theories that explain the circle in Celtic cross jewelry as a symbol of eternity. Irish Catholic priests claim that the circle represents God’s endless love as shown through Christ’s sacrifice. Others claim that it represents the offer of hope and salvation through Christ to the faithful. These are just a few of the legends surrounding the design of Celtic cross jewelry.

    The popularity of Celtic cross jewelry:

    The popularity of Celtic cross jewelry stems from the fact that it symbolizes all that is good and right about Christianity. Whether by design or not, the circle has come to represent the everlasting glory of God. Without beginning or end, the glory of God shines upon us all. Celtic cross jewelry has also come to represent the conversion of heathens through means of inclusion, not war. By incorporating pagan designs into the Christian cross the Church was able to convert what would latter become its most ardent supporters, the Celts. Here is a good page to view the different styles available in Celtic cross jewelry.

    Where is the best place to purchase Celtic cross jewelry:

    To get an idea of the different styles and prices that are available in Celtic cross jewelry it is more convenient to view them online before shopping around at local jewelry stores.

    Retail jewelers will sometimes carry a small selection of Celtic cross jewelry, but you are most apt to find a greater selection online. Just type “Celtic cross jewelry ” into an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo and you will find several reliable websites that specialize in Celtic cross jewelry.

    The cost of Celtic cross jewelry is dependent upon many variables. In solid 14K yellow or white gold, Celtic crosses should cost about $50 to $300 depending on size.

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    Info of Silver Bracelets

    1. Bangle Bracelets:
      These are available in many designs from smooth finishes to textured patterns or painted styles. These are popular among teen girls and current Hollywood stars and celebrities.
    2. Cuff Bracelets:
      These types of bracelets are more trendy and expensive than any other bracelet. This type is usually wider than a bangle size and has an opening on one side so that it easily slides on the arm. These cuff bracelets are best to be gifted to an older woman. Another type of cuff bracelet is granulated bracelet style which is less expensive than the former one. This granulated cuff bracelet is also famous in celebrities like Lindsay Lohan.
    3. Link Bracelets:
      This is another style of silver bracelets which is formed in a shape like closely woven pieces. It seems to be a complex design but actually it is crafted very smoothly and efficiently to be fixed properly on the arm. Byzantine style link bracelet is an astonishing example of the link bracelet. This Byzantine styled bracelet has a mystifying aura because of the historical accurate linking knots. These bracelets are not only for women but a variety of men’s bracelets is also available in market. It is actually a closely knit link bracelet which is just like a chainmail and very popular in men now-a-days.
    4. Chain Bracelets:
      Chain bracelets are considered as the most classic styled bracelets which are easily available in the market along with a large variety. These bracelets are the best gifts for your loved ones on any special occasion like birthdays or wedding functions. One can easily make a charm bracelet by using the chain bracelet with the addition of different adornments.
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    Silver Hoop Earrings

    Traditional Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

    These earrings (sometimes called sleepers) might be chunky, slim, large, extra large, huge, medium, small, or just teeny, but all of them are created from one circular piece of silver. Earrings that feature silver hoops and are made with a base of nickel free metals have an attractive, jaunty and youthful vibe. They typically draw the awareness of the eye towards the wearer and the larger the loop, the more adventurous the wearer appears to be. Hoops can pretty much be worn with just about anything within your wardrobe – jeans, tee-shirts, dresses, skirts, etc, but seem to go particularly well with more relaxed casual attire such as jeans and plain or patterned tops.

    Square Hoop Silver Earrings

    Square hoop earrings are probably my favourite. They are hoops, but they are also square – How good is that? They offer more variety to the world of earrings than you thought was possible. When you think you’ve seen it all, along come square hoop earrings! As well as being made from many different materials, they might be wide or thicker square hoops or oblong shaped (should that be rectangular?) and thin, or any one of a million other designs dreamed up within the brains of modern designers. Sometimes they can be smooth, hammered or silver. Some earrings feature circular strands of silver that can be combined with other forms of metal or crystal as well as semi-precious stones or gems.

    “Dangly” Silver Hoop Earrings

    This type of earrings are usually made by attaching the hoop to a short chain or another hoop. Dangling hoops can be made using traditional designs, but more often than not are designed to be as trendy as possible and can feature hearts or even heart shaped loops, a French hook type of loop, as well as other styles and designs for example daisies.

    Double And Triple Silver Hoop Earrings

    These are possibly the most original and different style of hoop earrings you will encounter, in fact one might say they are anything but ordinary! They will be manufactured from every size and form of hoop and are usually constructed from 2-3 different sizes of hoop gradually changing the diameter to ensure that one hoop fits within the other. They could have a variety of finishes including polished, satin, hammered, or vintage. As well as having different finishes they are available with many different textures to match your tastes and personality.

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    Types of Beads for Jewelry Making


    Cylinder beads (also call delica or toho) are typically long in length with a tubular shape and a large hole through the center. They are versatile in use and can be used as a spacer between other beads or used for basic stringing. Additionally, this type of bead is great for most textile, embroidery, crochet and knitting projects.


    Crystal beads are a combination of cut glass and lead. The lead content is about 30%, which helps to give a very refractive quality. One of the finest options is the Swarovski crystal beads. They have a very high quality and contain many colors. The most striking designs can have up to 50 colors and plenty of effects. This bead is likely to feature as a decoration sewn into fabric.


    Bali beads are miniature works of art that are handcrafted by the local people in Bali, Indonesia. They are made in.925 sterling silver and look very striking on a piece of jewelry. Typically, they are used as a spacer.


    Lampwork beads are created by hand using glass. The beads are made by simply melting the colored glass with a torch. The ability to create by hand gives complete freedom in the design process. While the process used to make the beads can be a little laborious, the pattern and design options can be exquisitely beautiful.


    Pony beads are made of plastic and a very low-cost option for making a piece of jewelry. A typical use is in the children’s craft projects. They can vary in size, but the most typical size is in the region of 4 millimeters.

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    Look Good With Sterling Silver Bracelets In This Christmas

    The silver sensation

    It’s no alien fact that when women are drawn towards gold, men choose silver over anything else if it comes to wearing them. The men’s silver bracelets are the new range this Christmas. You can display all your favorite beads and charms with contemporary European, Asian, African and Pacific-style, different length chain bracelets. There are various styles that are elegantly crafted with maximum polish sterling silver. This is chic jewelry securing a sturdy lobster type claw clasp.

    Drawing the age

    Some come from the state of California. The Bright silver rides on high polish and the products are part of the much acclaimed main street revolution, which is redefining men’s fashion in today’s world. Men are also wearing the sweetheart charm bracelets that form the core of Sterling essentials.

    1. The design thrives on exquisite sterling silver with quality rhodium plating encompassing high-quality sheen.
    2. It measures 7-8 millimeters in width. The beautifully crafted charm bracelets weigh about 5.2-5.10 grams, making it very comfortable fit for the wrist.
    3. There are classic, lightweight charm bracelets that ideal for envisaging your favorite gifts securely with a heart-designed and decorative lobster claw clasp that ensures proper retention of your bracelet.
    4. There are pretty cable bracelets, which are ideal for showcasing your favorite charms. The jewelry is made of fine sterling silver.

    It’s called hallelujah

    It’s Christmas and the most fashionable and thoughtful men go for men’s silver bracelets with biblical overtones and themes.

    1. The Lord’s Prayer cuff bracelet is wonderful gift for your friend. Obtained from rubber and stainless steel, this religious bracelet entails the Lord ‘s Prayer in Spanish. It has cross in the text’s center.
    2. The clasp features a stainless steel fold with dual stoppers that further accents its style on fantastic Christian jewelry. Easy to wear and lightweight, this rubber bracelet can enable you to wear your spirituality and faith on the wrist.
    3. Showing off your spiritual connection with an amazing cuff of stainless steel was never this wonderful.

    A new definition of look

    And, talking about the Cross in fashion and its impact will give you some of the most endearing statements. The voguish rubber cuff bracelet features some of the latest cross jewelry assortment and showcases a black rubber, stainless steel bracelets with tabs and clasped fold. There are Greek symbols on the blue rubber bands, which are embedded into the fine black rubber around the bracelet. The style is pure meander art. The largest plate of stainless features a cross that’s cut out towards the front. You can wear this blue and black sterling silver product and showcase your faith stylishly and proudly. Looking good is the obvious derivative here.

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    Akoya Pearl Necklace

    Akoya pearls tend to be between six and eight millimetres and are usually flawless or have very minimal flaws. They are round pearls with a high level of lustre. They are white with a pinkish hue to them. You can get an Akoya pearl necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, pendant, broach or other jewelled items with Akoya pearls in them.

    Pearls can be very inexpensive to very luxurious and rare. You might want a specific color, size or shaped pearl and you might also want to examine the various styles and sizes of necklaces available when you begin researching the Akoya necklace offerings.

    A collar necklace is only about 12 inches long. It’s often a single strand of pearls but can be referred to as a dog collar as well when it’s multiple strands of pearls in the twelve inch size. Chokers are just a few inches longer. A choker is a common style for pearl necklaces. The princess length is about 17-19 inches in length and the matinee necklace is between twenty and twenty four. Matinees are often used either as a single or double strand because of the length you can use it like a double strand choker as well. The longest necklaces are the opera at up to 28 inches and the rope at 45 plus inches. Many who love pearls have multiple colors at multiple lengths.

    Pearls are very versatile. Whether you’re looking for teardrop, round or baroque, you can have pearls in many colors and many styles. They are precious and sought after and many people who discover pearls become somewhat addicted to them because of their elegance.

    Not everyone can afford the most exquisite pearls with the AAAA rating across the board. One of the nice things about pearls is that they can be enjoyed and admired regardless of their style and origin because of their unique beauty. Choosing the right pearl for you depends on several areas including your personal taste and style, your budget and where you procure your pearls from.

    There are many online Akoya pearl suppliers. When choosing someone, it’s a very wise idea to look for a company that guarantees you’ll be satisfied and clearly states their return policy. It’s also wise to choose someone who has certified gemologists on staff rather than simply someone who moves pearls from pearl farms to consumers with little or no value add in between.

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    Montana Sapphires

    Montana sapphires are truly some of the finest quality sapphires in the world. They come in a variety of colors. They are COMPLETELY NATURAL gemstones.

    Sapphire was first discovered in Montana in the late 1800’s by gold miners working the gravels of Missouri River near Helena. The gold prospectors discovered the Gem Mountain sapphire deposit in 1892. Since that time, this mine has produced 180 million carats of sapphire.

    When modern heat treatment processes were introduced, Montana sapphire production went through the roof.

    Unfortunately, the sapphires from this location (Gem Mountain) are usually quite small. However, the color and clarity of these gems make up for it. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, pink and blue. They also come in a combination of these colors and because of their color changes under evening lighting they are extremely unique.

    Most of the gem grade sapphire in the market place is heat-treated. When Montana sapphire is properly heat treated, they explode with color. Diamond cutting brings out a brilliance under various lighting conditions that is unique to these gemstones. It is very difficult to find Montana sapphires that are gem quality without being heat-treated.

    There are four basic Montana sapphire regions but Rock Creek is known for its distinctly sharp colors. The colors range from cornflower blue to red/orange to mint green. Spokane Bar and Eldorado Bar are other sapphire regions and located on either side of Houser Lake.

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    Long Tassel Necklaces For Women

    They are versatile

    The tassel necklaces for women add instant polish to a look whether formal or casual. They offer an effortless way of looking cool in whichever outfit you have and a few will help you make a fashion statement every time.

    They have a vintage element to them

    This is considering that the tassel-like attachments were popular back in the 70s and today nothing makes you stand out more that throwing in a throwback item to your retro glam look. You will actually find necklaces with modern elements such as crystals and shiny beads to help you add that vintage element with a stylish twist to it.

    They add a beautiful swing with every step you take

    Women love looking their best and just like high heels make walking appealing; the tassel necklace will also add the same grace to your move thanks to the swing of the tassel. This kind of wing makes your look come alive and actually makes you get noticed. If you love a little attention, then you should go for them.

    You can choose your ideal length

    Tassel necklaces can be really long and this gives you the freedom to choose how far you want them to fall. Some are actually designed to be easy to adjust so that you can achieve the right length depending on the outfit you choose to wear. You can select a length that will complement your neckline so you have an easier time wearing your favorite scoop tee, strapless maxi dress or knit top. The choice is really yours when it comes to the tassel necklaces.

    These necklaces add color pop

    This is simply because the break the gold and silver trend of pendants. If you are a more daring type, you can go for colored tassels including taupe and burgundy. You get to play around with the tones depending on your outfit to effortlessly achieve a chic, elegant but cool look in a tassel necklace. They are a great way of bringing to life a dull to neutral colored outfit and to tone down a shouting outfit.