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    Maurice Lacroix Watches

    Maurice Lacroix is a unique brand name among all the Swiss watches. This is a classy and fashionable streak of watches which laid its basic foundation in 1975. Company declares itself as one of the very few self-governing Swiss magnificent brands. This is a contemporary Swiss watch brand that has opened its 4000 showrooms in more than 60 countries with 220 personnel employed worldwide. Company maintains its eminence by maintaining conventional Swiss watch making skill and generating its own accessories plus whereabouts for its magnum opus collection. These watches are popular for their complexities and considerations comprehensively. Most of their mater watchmakers produce hand made watches also which gives a subtle touch to its design and beautification.

    The Maurice Lacroix has several distinct classes such as Miros, Les Classiques, Pontos, Divina, Starside and Masterpiece Collection. There are two discontinued families also which are Calypso and Selena. Their watches are not even reasonably priced but they are very fashionable also. People will be making a good investment if they are buying this foremost watch brand. Many salespersons try to sell the duplicates of these watches due to their high demand. People should visit a high-end wholesaler who is providing area of expertise and customized jewelry to find the best way to buy the original watch. Rare abundance of these watches makes it precarious to purchase from a retailer who does not look reputable. Maurice Lacroix watches are known for their very long lifespan and buying a knock-off product will surely not match the standards.

    Swiss watches are famous for their quality and dependability. Maurice Lacroix watches provides the same level of quality and reliability. The authenticity of these watches has marked the real standard and reputation of Swiss watch making. There is a huge variety of fashions and classes which makes it easy for the customers to choose the piece they desire. This wide range consists of a lot of assortments and each set possesses its special distinctive look. Les Classiques is a good choice for the people who fancy ageless and classic appearance of a simple watch. Masterpiece collection consists of skeleton watch which possesses transparent parts allowing its proprietor to see the inner mechanism of the watch. MasterChrono watch which again is a collection of Masterpiece watches is prepared of smooth stainless steel and it has eye-catching classic alligator wrist strap and spectacular sapphire accent.

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    Key Aspects of Sport Watches

    General Purpose Sport Watches

    General purpose sport watches are generic sport watches and often have very useful features like a stopwatch mode. General purpose watches are often intended to be used for any number of athletes and have few extra functions. The are typically very durable and impact resistant. Common materials used to construct these types of watches are hard plastics and rubber.

    Multi-Use Watches

    These types of sport watches are meant for the intense sports enthusiast who requires multiple features. They are all-inclusive watches and in most cases come with very detailed lists of features, which explain why they may be pricier than general purpose sport watches.


    Mountain climbing watches are made to support the unique requirements of mountaineers. A mountaineer may have various requirements like weather prediction, an altimeter and so on. Watches in this category generally support features like global positioning systems (GPS), that help one orient oneself when climbing or hiking by letting them know their precise location.

    These sports watches can also include alarms which warn the wearer about the next thunderstorm or approaching severe weather.

    Diving and Swimming

    The key feature of this kind of sport watch for men is that it’s water proof; this gives athletes the opportunity to use it while they engage in water sports. Dive and swim watches can be bought in an extensive array of vibrant colors to remain visible when submerged in water. They may track useful statistics like depth, and laps for the swimmer.

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    Watch Styles Every Woman Should Own

    Leather Band

    This one is a timeless piece. Leather band watches are known for their neat and casual look that fit a workplace environment. In fact, they are basic watch that goes with anything. They can be worn by young and old alike. Leather bands are designed with functionality in mind. Features such as replaceable straps and waterproof dials make them more durable. There are multi-strap watches that let you mix and match your watch with your outfit. Women with larger wrists can always opt for a larger dial.

    So, irrespective of the color you choose, you should have at least one leather strap watch in your wardrobe.

    Bracelet watches

    This style in ladies watches is great for a night out or a formal do. They range from dainty and delicate time tellers to bold and flamboyant designs. They are meant to be worn as a jewelry piece. They feature metallic finishes (gold, silver, rose gold and platinum), gold and silver elements and jewel encrusted dials. They are mostly made by designer brands and are expensive. These are those luxury watches you can reserve for special occasions.

    A variant of the bracelet watch is the bangle watch that snaps around the wrist like a cuff. A few also have adjustable straps in the form of ties.

    Sports watches

    Unlike the other ladies watches mentioned in the list, sports watches stand out for the sleek lines and minimalistic design. They are made for rugged use such as swimming, biking and trekking. They offer a high level of water resistance. They boast of a number of add-on features such as digital displays, countdown timers, calorie counters, calendars, heart rate monitors and the likes. Rubber and plastic are the common materials used for the casing and straps of sports watches. They are also made in brighter colors.

    Chronograph watches

    Women usually shy away from chronographs believing that it’s made for men and that it will look too big for their petite hands. A chronograph has a display watch and stop watch combined. They look classy and professional. You have to wear it once to see how it looks. You can also get matching chronograph watches for men and women.

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    Mechanical Watch Servicing

    Cleaning and oiling the movement

    Now that the watch and movement disassembled it’s time to clean it. Each part of the movement and the watch case are cleaned thoroughly in either an ultra sonic cleaner, or a naptha solution may be used. If you choose to use naptha, please be very careful, this chemical is toxic and can harm you if not used properly. Once the parts are cleaned, allow them to dry on a lint free cloth or paper towel. Any lint or dust you introduce to the movement at this point will defeat the purpose of cleaning it.

    Once all of the watch parts are cleaned it is time to oil. When oiling a movement there is a very fine balance between using enough oil to provide lubrication and using too much oil and having it attract dust and creating a mess inside the watch. Very little oil is actually needed since only very small drops are placed on each jewel or pivot hole. One area you want to avoid getting oil on is the hairspring. The oil will cause the spring coils to stick to each other and keep the watch from functioning properly.

    Reassembling the watch

    Now that the movement has been properly cleaned and oiled its time to put the watch movement back together. The process is simply the reverse of disassembly. However, extreme care needs to be taken. Each gear should easily slide in to place and the screws that hold them should tighten easily. Any binding or tightness needs to be address immediately or the watch will most likely not function properly.

    Once the movement is reassembled we can replace the dial and the hands and then place the movement back in to the cleaned watch case.

    Winding Up

    As you can see, there is a lot that goes in to servicing a watch and a lot that can affect the time and skill required. I am very comfortable taking apart a simple mechanical watch, but as the complexity of design increases I become less and less confident. Even after taking watch repair classes from people like Dan Gendron, now retired, I find myself looking in to these watches and marveling at the complexity.

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    Sekonda Summer Time Watches

    The 00’s were the designer watch brands years, with couture houses like Channel, D&G, DKNY, Armani all taking market share from Sekonda. But Sekonda has hit back with the launch of what is now one of the leading designer watch brands; Seksy watches.

    Over the past 3 years the Sekonda brand has seen its name once more pushed into the limelight due to the strength of its sister company Seksy. With massive advertising sponsorship of programs such as an audience with ITV, the Seksy watch brand has become designer fashion must have for the past 3 years at Christmas. The success of the Seksy brand as a fashion watch has reinvigorated the whole Sekonda brand and the company has expanded on their success of the sub brand Seksy watch by adding a new sub brand to the Sekonda family the new Summer Time watches are fashion watches at affordable prices. The new sub brand taking head on the big fashion trend for designer watches that look like sports watches with the key competitors for the Summer Time range are Ice-Watch and Toy Watch two of the biggest names in the watch industry at the minute.

    The Key selling point of a Summer Time watch is that they are designer watches at an amazingly affordable price all of the range of 9 watches are only £29.99 which makes them easily accessible to all ages and makes it less than half the price of its main competitors. It is not only the price though that will make the new Summer Time watch range appeal to fashionistas and everyday people alike. All of the Summer Time watches come with thick rubber straps which come in an array of colours from pink to white and of course there is black for those people who are looking for a watch to go with every outfit. Sekonda believe that the Summer Time watch range will be as big as the Seksy range and they have back this theory up with a large advertising campaign on ITV using the black and white Summer Time watches to sponsor programs like 30 years of an audience with..

    Sekonda definitely will be making Toy Watch and Ice Watch worried with their great pricing of this watches and it will be interesting to see if retailers can keep up with the prospective demand for this new Sekonda venture.

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    Bulova Watches

    Bulova was one of the first innovators of fine wristwatches. Before the Bulova invention, the world kept time with pocket watches that were heavy and monotonous. Bulova Watches created history by the invention of Wristwatches that were not only lavish in beauty but also in accuracy, precision and mechanism. Bulova was one of the first innovators of fine wristwatches. Before the Bulova invention, the world kept Spectacular timepieces from Bulova with intricate mechanism fostered the much required change in the watch making mechanism.

    Adorning a Bulova watch on your wrists is an epitome of luxurious legend itself considering this brand’s excellence in creating a timepiece with a meticulous mechanism that its antecedents helped keep time on moon. Bulova Accutron was the first watch to make a trip to the outer space, the moon and back! Bulova Accutron was an inevitable constituent of over 46 US NASA space missions. Bulova Accutron is recognized by NASA and is highly farfetched by various watch connoisseurs. In essence, Bulova Accutron Watches are an excellent collector’s timepiece.

    Bulova watch personify superiority owing to its magnanimous designs and exclusive exactitude. Bulova Watches signify success and sophistication to many of its wearers. Available in a myriad of styles and materials, Bulova serves its admirers with something remarkable and inimitable.

    With designs that are completely sophistication personified, Bulova Watches has created a niche with its luxurious and classy timepieces. Each timepiece is hewed with vigilant detailing and designing. Class and poise is the heart of Bulova Watches! The brand believes in consistent novelty of designs and technology, providing a timepiece that is accurately and eternally timeless.

    Bulova Watches offers a compilation of the finest timepieces for both the sexes! Bulova Men’s Watches are perfect to take the classy quotient of the contemporary man a notch higher. As for Bulova Women’s Watches, elegance and grace of these timepieces speak volumes. Men & women are both bound to be spoilt for choices attributing to the humungous varied and myriad of styles created by Bulova Watches. The rich hues, metals and high-end designs combined with grander quality and mechanism makes Bulova watch perfect for those who believe in perfection!

    Bulova Watches reached pinnacles of success by following the principles and directions of the Father of this Company Mr. Joseph Bulova. What began as a humble jewelry & watch store back in 1900s, now holds an invincible position in the watch industry today.

    Bulova Watches precision can be measured from the singular fact that it possesses accuracy less than a second. Initially each timepiece was integrated by hand of efficacious craftsmen and watchmakers. However, with the growing demand and an impressive success, Bulova established mechanism and integrating equipment enabling the replacement and interchanging of parts from one watch to another. Thus, Bulova Watches gained another merit of being convenient and affordable over the other major watch making brands.

    Bulova Watches are a huge hit in the US considering their stunning exteriors with unmatched superior interiors. Bulova with their insightful principles, innovation and dynamism, are today renowned globally as the true time keepers.

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    Finding Water Resistant Watches

    Behind the Term

    Water resistance is stated as a depth (BAR, ATM, meters or feet). It represents the fact that this model was tested in a laboratory to withstand the static pressure for a short period of time, only at the stated depth. Remember that when you actually use the watch, you are putting it under more water pressure than the static pressure. For example, if you dive into the water, the impact on the watch is far greater when it hits the water surface than the pressure when the watch is resting on your wrist underneath the water.

    Levels of Resistance

    Not marked. If your watch is not marked water resistant, you should take it off before you wash your hands, take a shower or wash the dishes.

    If the watch is marked water resistant, but no specific numbers are given, it can withstand an accidental splash experienced when you run in the rain from your car to your house. It is not safe to wear it when washing your hands or showering.

    If it is labeled water to 3 ATM, 30 meters and 100 feet, the watch is suitable for accidental splashes. You can wear it to wash up, but not when you go swimming.

    If it is marked water to 5 ATM, 50 meters and 165 feet, you can wear it while swimming, but not when you are diving in a pool, snorkeling or engaging in water sports.

    If it is marked water resistant to 10 ATM, 100 meters and 330 feet, you can wear it to swim and snorkel. But it is not safe for diving off the high board or sub-water diving.

    If it is marked water top 20 ATM, 200 meters and 660 feet, it is capable of withstanding all high-impact water sports and scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas.

    The Standard

    The water resistant standard was set in 1990 by the International Organization for Standardization – the same group that banned the use of the term waterproof to describe watches. The standard spells out the testing procedure for each mark. It establishes pressures, test duration, water temperature and other factors.

    The testing for water resistance consists of testing:

    the watch’s resistance when immersed in water at a depth of 10 cm for one hour

    resistance of the watch’s operative parts when immersed in 10 cm of water with a force of 5 N for 10 minutes

    Condensation test – done by placing the watch on a plate heated to 40°C to 45°C for about 10 to 20 minutes; testers then place a drop of water on the glass of the watch and look for any condensation on the interior of the glass after one minute

    Resistance to different temperatures by immersing the watch in 10 cm of water for five minutes at different temperatures

    Resistance to water overpressure by immersing the watch in a suitable pressure vessel and subjecting it within 1 minute to the rated pressure for 10 minutes, etc.

    Resistance to air overpressure by exposing the watch to an overpressure of 2 bar; the watch should not show air-flow exceeding 50 µg/min

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    Bulova Watches

    • Adventurer Watches: If you are a person, who is actively involved in outdoor games or continuously on the run and needs robust quality timepiece that will endure with your active routine. Bulova timepieces have a range of adventurer collection dedicated to such people who are highly dynamic and sporty; and who ought to have a robust watch that can sustain with their lifestyle. No matter whether you are jogging, hiking, skiing or diving Bulova watches have innumerable uses in your active lifestyle. With the adventurer timepieces, you are always on the move with the time.
    • Bangle Watches: Bulova watches have a myriad collection of bangle timepieces, which will help you bring out the femininity in you. Bulova bangle watches are well-known for the outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite design required for a feminine watch. These watches have become the bestselling choice for the people around the world because of its elegance and style. The Bulova timepieces are designed with style, panache, and sophistication that a modern woman looks for. Adorned with stunning designs and captivating dials, that makes them stand out from the rest.
    • Crystal Watches: The crystal collection from Bulova watches turns every outfit you wear into a bold style statement. The crystal watches adorned with Swarovski crystals titanium or stainless steel, which gives a stylish and luxurious feel. Crystal watches often brings you in the limelight and you’ll get some envious gazes in all situation, the wearer oozes out power and style in every ounce.
    • Dress Watches: Dress watches from Bulova are more slim and modest in diameter, such that it looks sensual and classy for a casual dinner or a party. When you wear a dress watch, it speaks that you pay much attention to detail. The dress watch is regarded as one of the most vital part of your wardrobe; it is said that a casual look is incomplete until complemented with a dress watch.
    • Mechanical Watches: Mechanical watches are a massive hit among male counterparts; these attractive Bulova watches along with mechanical movements are in enormous demand. It is a watch with a good blend of high-end style and best quality craftsmanship. Such mechanical watches are for the men who want to show the toughness within them and want to add more dosage of classy appeal.
    • Strap Watches: Bulova strap watches have outstanding features and design. These over sized watches are equally popular between both the sexes for their unique straps attached to it. The distinctively crafted straps are available in various colors and textures; they add a dash of style and superiority to your look.
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    White Watches for Men

    At a very basic level, your choice of watch can quickly reveal whether you are a collar and shirt sort of guy, or whether you are more of a hands-on type of guy doing physical work rather than office work. For example, your local bank manager’s watch is almost certainly a lot different to the style of watch you would find most truckers wearing.

    Don’t forget, we are talking style here rather than brand. Brands are more indicative of wealth than they are of personality. After all, you get many wealthy businessmen wearing a top brand, but you also get other well paid people wearing the top brand simply because they can afford to.

    Just for a minute try to imagine what sort of guys would be interested in white watches for men? Of course I can’t be absolutely certain, but I would say most of them like to portray an element of sophistication; guys who like to see themselves as being sort of clean cut. I am guessing most of them will be in a professional position at work, or guys who work from home doing things like graphic design.

    Today there are several watch makers offering white watches. Some are completely white, including their straps. Others will have a white casing and a white face, while others only have a white face. I personally think a white face coupled with a titanium casing looks very attractive and really classy as well. A perfect example would be the Bulovo Marine Star dual time watch.

    In fact, Bulovo make many white watches for both men and women. Casio also offer a white version of many of their watches, especially in their Baby-G range and their G-Shock range. I also like a few of the white Citizen watches, to the point where I am even contemplating buying one despite the fact that I really don’t need another watch.

    I hope you haven’t been thinking that white watches are only made by watch makers on the lower end of the watch making spectrum. Forget it, because I promise you, a top-end brand has got some of the most exquisite watches I have ever seen, and yes you have guessed right, they are white too.

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    Stainless Steel Watches

    Varied components, styles, types and designs form a new and advanced wrist unit. The prime focus however has to be on the material that is used to make these watches. Stainless steel is the most widely used material in the manufacture of watches. Watches have to be good looking and functional but the comfort factor cannot be overlooked. This is the component that has to be constant for all watches manufactured by a company. Stainless steel is an element that has a lot of strength and turgidity and can fight the harsh weather conditions.

    It is corrosion resistant and does not stain and is resistant of any other sort of damage as well. Stainless steel is the synonym for strength and durability for years. This is the reason why it is an essential raw material for the making all sorts of watches. Stainless-steel watches are available in innumerous designs, shapes, features and styles; they are manufactured with all watch brands. This means that a customer has an array of products to choose from. One can buy a stainless steel watch at any price and of any brand; they have become popular because of the strength and versatility that these watches offer. There are stainless-steel watches for men, women and children.

    Most companies obviously like to play it safe in the manufacture of their products. This is because they have a high risk and investment at stake, hereby they use the traditionally time tested materials for the manufacture of their products to decrease the risk factor, to increase the certainty of a good sale. The Stainless steel watch is the most widespread and desired watch type. It is a hit favorite among the customers as they also look for style performance and strength all under one roof. A watch is a long term investment and one should be certain of its performance features before purchasing them.

    A genuine stainless steel watch ensures that a person has to pay only once and get the benefits of a good watch for years to come. These are maintenance free and can be used by the careless lot as well. In comparison to the other materials used in the process of watch making, stainless steel is rich looking and has a unique starry shine and lucrative appeal to its buyers. Exclusive pieces can be crafted with priceless jewels and stones to make it more of an eye-candy. These watches are known for the functionality and style.