Cheap Watches for Kids

The best cheap watches for kids, it is not what you think!

When it comes to buying watches for kids you have to look at three main things.

The age of the child.

The type of watch THEY want.

How the watch functions and is made.

Let’s start with the age of the child. A younger child, let’s say 5-10 years old, is going to want a completely different type of watch than a teenager. Younger children are going to like watches really related to their favorite movie characters, cartoon characters, and things like that.

The older children, say 11-15, are still going to want watches that are based on some of their favorite characters but this is usually going to be characters that are not related to a princess or prince or things like that! This age group is also going to want to see more functionality in their watches. More “cool” things the watch can do.

Now when you get to your children over 15, but still teenagers, you are going to need something really “cool” and something that shows a lot of class and/or has a thousand different functions. This is where you really need to talk to your kids about what they like. Their definition of a classy watch, and what is cool, is most likely a lot different than your definition, so just ask them.

You can get cheap watches for kids in almost any age group or price range, it really depends on what you think a cheap watch is. The prices for watches are literally all over the place, so if you are looking for cheap watches for your kids then go online and do some research.

How the watch functions and is made

When buying a cheap watch for your kid you need to take into account age, which we already have. Then the two next important issues are HOW THE WATCH FUNCTIONS and how it is made.

Let’s take a look at how the watch functions. This is really not a big deal with little kids, but once you get kids over 10 to 15 years old the way the watch functions is much more important. Kids that age love watches that have all sorts of different functions. They want it all, or it seems they do. Some kids just want a normal watch but those kids are few and far between. That, again, is why it is important to talk to them about what they like.

As for how it is made. You are NOT going to get the best made watches for a cheap price, so if you are looking for cheap watches for kids do not plan on getting the absolute best made watches! It is not going to happen. But you can get a good made watch with good functions for a fair cheap price.

If your child is in and around water you really need to look at a watch that is water proof. Kids have the incredible ability to drown any item they get a hold of and watches are no different.