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Cleopatra Style Bracelets

Wrap bracelets are beautiful and add an extra edge to any plain outfit. In gold, they look regal and majestic, and when adorned with rhinestones, they are truly stunning. Some call them snake style bracelets, while others refer to these as arm cuffs or bands. The great thing about wrap style bracelets is that they fit any wrist or arm, adjustable to the wearer.

Celebs like Demi Moore, Cate Blanchett, Fergie and Megan Fox have all rocked wrap style bracelets with long Grecian gowns or mini dresses. This is a style that you can make your own, but it still offers a unique twist that deviates from the classic bracelet.

Fashion this year is all about having fun with your look and wearing something that is a little over the top. Wrap bracelets are a great way to kick it up a notch, without going overboard on a trend. Wrap bracelets can be elegant or edgy, depending on your personal taste.

Wrap bracelets look great when worn with sleeveless, strapless or asymmetrical cuts. This allows the bracelet to take center stage. These types of bracelets can also be worn in multiples, with a great piece on each arm. This adds to the impact of these Egyptian flavored pieces.

For special occasions, wrap style bracelets do a great job at elevating a simple dress. With chunky cuffs on either arm, a cute clutch in hand and a matching pair of metallic stilettos, you’ll look like a Queen. For daytime, a statement wrap bracelet can be worn with a sheath dress and will easier take your look from 9-to-5 to dinner and drinks.