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Ladies Bracelet Styles

Bangle Bracelets

One of the timeless fashions of a ladies bracelet is the bangle bracelet. These simple circles made of precious metal, can be a simple metal band that is made of precious metal. In some cases these metal bands are encrusted with jewels and other decorative touches.

The earliest of these bracelets graced the wrists of Egyptian royalty. They have been found in ruins in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They are centuries old and a price tag can not be attached to their value. They are one of the first pieces of jewelry that has ever been found.

Today these bracelets are made in the same fashion. Of course rarely are they hand hammered by a gold or silver smith but they look the same and very little has been done to change the style of the bracelet they are still very popular.

They are made from silver and gold and still can be found encrusted with precious jewels.

They are very popular to be worn in stacks on the wrist.

Other Styles

You can find just about any style of ladies bracelet that you can vision. The craft of making bracelets to grace a ladies wrist has been around for so many centuries that every possible style that can be created has been.

Another favored style that falls in and out of fashion is the charm bracelet this type of bracelet is very popular and is merely a chain link that small charms hang from. Usually the charms represent specific events in a ladies life that are meant to remember. Many ladies favor this bracelets as a way to build memories.

Many ladies collect the charms that appear on their bracelets over a life time and they are cherished.


The prices for a ladies bracelet will vary widely and easily can span from less the twenty dollars to more than one hundred thousand dollars. There is literally something available in every price range.