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Murano Glass Necklaces

Murano glass necklaces are some of the hottest fashion finds right now since they work well for this season’s color and style trends such as emphasis on texture, deep jewel tones, animal prints, and chunky beaded designs. Interesting texture is a feature of many Murano necklaces composed of beads that are detailed with raised glass flowers, decorative thorns, enameling or engraving, and avventurina layers. The use of the rich precious stone-like hues such as emerald-green, sapphire-blue, ruby-red, and amethyst is very characteristic of all Venetian glass jewelry, and Murano necklaces in these colors are classic and impactful. Animal prints have been on Murano artisans’ radars for a few years now, and many of them create animal print necklaces featuring such all-time favorites as zebra print and leopard print, along with more exotic patterns such as giraffe, panda, alligator and snake. Finally, many Murano glass necklaces have chunky yet tasteful look due to the use of beautiful hand-crafted beads and ability to string those beads in bunches of various sizes for a more striking effect.

Murano necklaces are so versatile, that it is easy to stay on top of fashion as well as effectively accentuate any outfit with just two or three different Venetian glass necklaces. Add one animal print necklace to your collection for those days when you want to spice things up and demonstrate your adventurous side while wearing a classic stylish outfit. You can pair a zebra- or leopard-print necklace with a classic one-tone business suit, or wear it with your favorite little black dress or one-tone simple and elegant evening outfit. The second Murano glass necklace in your jewelry box can be one combining exquisite beads of multiple colors, techniques and sizes in a design that makes it flow effortlessly and tastefully. Be sure to choose one that has the colors that complement your skin tone and work well with a variety of clothing styles. Such a necklace will instantly light up any outfit while giving it a distinctly Italian feel and will let you follow fashion without losing your own unique style.