Fashion Accessories

Printed Bracelet

Kids’ Delight

Printed bracelets are great for kids since you don’t have to worry about them choking on little pieces. A lot of models are non-toxic without using any harmful chemical or metal during manufacturing. These also come in different designs that kids love like animal skins, animal patterns, stars, fairies and their favorite superhero. You may also want to have your child’s name printed on the bracelet for sentimentalism’s sake.

Printed bracelets for kids come in many fun designs and styles. The slap-on version is very popular which is made of highly flexible material or metal inside coated with rubber or plastic. The accessory straightens out by pulling or unrolling the ends and easily curls up around your child’s wrist through a quick snap-on action. You may want to add educational use for the bracelets as well by printing the alphabet, numbers and hard-to-spell words.

Bracelets for a Cause

Several institutions are relying on printed bracelets when trying to spread news or fighting for causes like AIDS, cancer and women’s rights. You can simply print the motives or slogan of your movement on the bracelet and sell them at a very cheap price or hand them out for free. Since the initial LiveStrong silicone wristbands, people are having a blast sporting these casual yet attractive items. You may be surprised that a lot of people actually show concern by wearing the bracelets all the time. These items also make great gifts and promotional tools.

Printed bracelets come in handy during emergency cases and these are frequently used as medical identity tags for people suffering from underlying conditions. Diabetics, high blood pressure patients and those experiencing sudden seizures and convulsions can rely on the bracelets so that anyone attending them can immediately know the necessary actions for treatment. Doctors and other health professionals have been trained to search for medical alert bracelets first wherein information like blood type, attending physician and hospital, underlying condition and medications may be imprinted.

The Styles

Printed bracelets may come from different materials like cheap and expensive metals, nylon, polyester, cotton, rubber, silicone or gel. Usually, a machine or laser screen prints the designs and text quickly so as many as 10,000 pieces can be made in a single day. When you order, choose the material as well as the style and colors you want to use.

You may choose prints according to a feature showroom the manufacturer may have or you can submit original art and text for them to use. When ordering in bulk, you can place different designs and text on every piece but this might cost you more. Customizing the prints and designs is also subject to price change. When ordering online, you will be asked to fill out a design form for you to choose and upload prints and text. Once your order has been finalized and the necessary payments made, the company will directly send the printed bracelets at the given address.