Swiss Luxury Watches

Watch Movement

Self winding watch, commonly known as automatic watch, runs on wrist power. Any movement of the wrist causes the rotor to wind the mainspring of the watch which provides power to the watch.

Mechanical watch is made up of more than a hundred parts which are assembled in three main sections, the energy source, regulation part and display part. This watch can record the phases of the moon along with the date and time.

Quartz mechanism uses electronic oscillator for time keeping and is the most commonly used timekeeping technology throughout the world. Besides being used in most of the clocks and watches, these are also used to keep time in computers and other electronic appliances.

Watch Display

Analog display is the traditional watch display that has a numbered dial with two rotating hands, one is for hours and the other for minutes. Many watches also have another hand that shows the second. The watches that have second hand are usually powered by the quartz mechanism. The digital timepieces, on the other hand, show time in numerical form. To make a digital dial, less craftsmanship is required as compared to the analog display. Analog dials vary in terms of design and quality because of the detailed finishing of the dial parts.

Chronograph Watches

Chronograph wristwatches were introduced around a century ago and operates like a basic stopwatch. Besides the main dial for timekeeping, a chronograph has subsidiary dials, each having a different function. In earlier times, this watch was used by the military men but in recent times, has been used to make a style statement. Owing to their accuracy, stylish appeal and sporty look, these are the hot favorites of the F1 drivers.

Diving Watch

A diving watch, as the name suggests, is specifically designed for diving purposes. A standard diving watch is suitable for diving along with underwater breathing apparatus. The water resistance of such watches is about 660 to 990 feet deep underwater. The case of this watch is resistant to water pressure and also provides protection against external magnetic fields in the sea. This watch also has a rotating bezel that calculates the length of the dive.


Luxury watches are valued more for their craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. Consider the material of the watch before making it. The variety of materials includes platinum, titanium, gold, silver, ceramic and stainless steel. You can choose from the shimmery bright to the plain and simple, whatever suits your style. Some luxury watches have various gems or stones embedded in either the dials or bracelets. Even the dials are available in different shapes like round, square or rectangular.