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    Diamond Earrings to Enjoy Sparkling

    Carat is the weight of the diamond. The diamond weight could be expressed as a fraction of a carat, as it is quite rare to find large stones.

    The cut is by far the most important feature, as it determines the sparkle of the diamond. Cut is all about how light enters the diamond, bounces off its various dimensions and leaves, leaving behind a trail of brilliance and fire (as the white and rainbow colors are referred to respectively).

    Color of diamonds – White is considered the purest of diamonds, but the color is difficult to distinguish when it has been set in metal. The Gemological Institute and the Gemological Society of America have standardized grading scales where the grade is set for each color.

    Clarity – Almost all diamonds have inclusions or some impurity that may be very difficult for even a trained grader to discern, or they may be such that they spoil the brilliance by losing the transparency of the diamond. The clarity grade is set by a competent grader while viewing the diamond under a ten power magnification.

    Buying diamonds and buying them online.

    It is easy to buy diamonds from your reputed jeweler. Maybe you could take along someone who has bought them before. When buying online, the highest rated gemological laboratory in the country has the following guidelines:

    Know about the 4cs – research a little more than what is given above on the subject

    Look for specifics on the 4Cs rather than a range

    For diamonds graded by a particular gemological laboratory, there should be an accompanying Grading Report

    Do some research on the seller

    • Is it a reputed company
    • How long has it been in business
    • What are the customer reviews like
    • Does it belong to any diamond jewelry trade associations? ( associations call upon members to follow certain ethical guidelines)
    • Do they offer secure money transactions
    • Is the customer service satisfactory?
    • Do they have a return policy in place, where is the seller located?
    • What is the mode of shipment and do they offer shipment insurance?

    Buy from a retailer within your own country. Retailers abroad may not be subject to your country’s laws, should the transaction go awry for some reason and you need recourse.