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    Types of Silpada Necklaces

    The Silpada necklaces that come in the form of multiple strings of beads are one of the hottest styles of necklaces that Silpada sells. These styles are popular because they can range in a number of color choices and make a good necklace for those who do not like such metals as sterling silver or gold. These necklaces can be worn with a number of different fashions. You can purchase these pieces and wear them with blue jeans or you can use them with a dress. Either way you will love the Silpada necklaces and will be recommending them to a number of different people.

    Silpada necklaces offer you the option of choosing a gemstone such as a opal or turquoise will fly off the shelf the minute they are released due to the overwhelming need that women have for purchasing and wearing large stones. These gemstones will be worn on a number of different chains. You can purchase these necklaces in a sterling silver Silpada necklace or you can purchase the necklace in the way of a rope chain. The rope chain should be made out of a material that resembles a rope and can be either black or brown and will have a pendant hanging on the rope. These appear to be one of the more popular brands of Silpada necklaces.

    Silpada necklaces are a nice and elegant way to add a small touch to your clothing. It is always about the accessories that we choose to wear when dressing and since a lot of people will see your new piece it would make sense that you want to purchase a simple yet elegant gemstone to accompany your clothing choices. Depending on which gemstone you purchase for your necklace will depend on which clothing choices you will have to choose from. The opal is pretty flexible and can be worn with a number of clothes however a turquoise is not since the color is a greenish blue the choices are limited to what you can wear it with. Look around to be sure that the Silpada necklace you have decided on is flexible enough for you and your needs.

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    Choosing Bridesmaid Necklaces

    Stay Within Your Wedding Theme

    To help narrow down your choices, you will want to first consider the theme of your wedding. Think about the location and setting of your wedding, as you’ll want to select accessories that are appropriate. For an outdoor garden or beach wedding, you may want to choose a slightly more casual necklace. A light and airy necklace that is sprinkled with freshwater pearls or a simple gemstone drop necklace may be the perfect choice. A formal wedding allows for dressier bridesmaid necklaces. Shimmering necklaces made with gemstones or crystals will really sparkle in the lights at an evening wedding!

    Choose a Color

    The color of the bridesmaid dresses will also help determine your selection. The necklaces that you choose do not necessarily need to exactly match the wedding theme or bridesmaid dress color. Crystal, freshwater pearls and gemstones come in a variety of shades and the best idea may be to select a necklace in a shade that flatters the dresses, rather than matching the color. Many brides select their bridesmaid’s jewelry in neutral shades, like champagne or clear crystal, cream or white freshwater pearls or light colored gemstones. Accessories in warmer tones, like ivory and champagne will generally flatter warmer dress colors like tan and orange. Pair cool toned accessories with dresses that are in cooler shades, like purple, blue or pink.

    Consider the Necklines

    Think about the neckline of the bridesmaid dresses and what type of necklace will look best with it. For a scoop or V-neckline, select a necklace that follows the cut of the neckline without crowding it. A necklace that ranges in length from 16 to 18 inches should work well.

    Consider wearing a relaxed choker-length necklace to flatter jewel (high cut round) and bateau (straight across from shoulder to shoulder) necklines. Whether you prefer a simple necklace or a chunky multi-strand necklace, any style that is around 15 to 17 inches in length should overlap the top of the neckline slightly, which will really complement the neckline.

    Sweetheart and strapless necklines are extremely versatile and leave a lot of room to show off a beautiful necklace! Almost any type of choker, necklace or pendant will look great. Choose one that is less than 20 inches in length so that it won’t overlap the top of the dress.

    More and more brides are opting for bridesmaid dresses that are not identical. If this is the case, you will want to take the varying necklines of the dresses into consideration. If you would like to purchase the same necklaces for all of your bridesmaids, you have several excellent options, as there some necklace styles that will work with almost any neckline. For instance, a simple chain with a single pearl drop may be a perfect accent to the dresses. Look for necklaces that have extender chains to make them adjustable in length at least 1 inch, if possible. This is an easy way to accommodate the different neckline styles, as well as making sure that the necklaces will fit everyone properly.

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    Diamond Choker Necklaces

    When it comes to the different styles that you can find when it comes to a diamond choker necklace, the difference usually lies in the kind and cuts of diamonds used, the accompanying metals, the cut of the necklace itself and the adornments or pendant used. All these are important details that you must take note of when you are going to shop for jewelry given that buying one is no joke considering how much jewelry costs. It would definitely be of great benefit to you if you read up on the technical aspects of jewelry so you wouldn’t end up buying something that is not well worth your hard earned money.

    It doesn’t automatically mean that just because the diamonds used on the diamond choker necklace that you are planning to get glistens like the morning sun means that it’s already worth hundreds of thousand s of dollars. On the contrary, diamonds aren’t really supposed to sparkle like glass, if what you are looking at does, then chances are that’s made of glass. Make sure to start reading up on the various cuts and class of diamonds out there as well as the colors. Try to find out the ones that are more costly as well as how to detect if a gem is just a cubic zirconia or the real thing.

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    Long Tassel Necklaces For Women

    They are versatile

    The tassel necklaces for women add instant polish to a look whether formal or casual. They offer an effortless way of looking cool in whichever outfit you have and a few will help you make a fashion statement every time.

    They have a vintage element to them

    This is considering that the tassel-like attachments were popular back in the 70s and today nothing makes you stand out more that throwing in a throwback item to your retro glam look. You will actually find necklaces with modern elements such as crystals and shiny beads to help you add that vintage element with a stylish twist to it.

    They add a beautiful swing with every step you take

    Women love looking their best and just like high heels make walking appealing; the tassel necklace will also add the same grace to your move thanks to the swing of the tassel. This kind of wing makes your look come alive and actually makes you get noticed. If you love a little attention, then you should go for them.

    You can choose your ideal length

    Tassel necklaces can be really long and this gives you the freedom to choose how far you want them to fall. Some are actually designed to be easy to adjust so that you can achieve the right length depending on the outfit you choose to wear. You can select a length that will complement your neckline so you have an easier time wearing your favorite scoop tee, strapless maxi dress or knit top. The choice is really yours when it comes to the tassel necklaces.

    These necklaces add color pop

    This is simply because the break the gold and silver trend of pendants. If you are a more daring type, you can go for colored tassels including taupe and burgundy. You get to play around with the tones depending on your outfit to effortlessly achieve a chic, elegant but cool look in a tassel necklace. They are a great way of bringing to life a dull to neutral colored outfit and to tone down a shouting outfit.

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    Chunky Necklaces

    Styling chunky necklaces with simple clothes, such as white T-shirt and jeans will never go wrong and can always help to enhance one’s personal style and personality. Here you should always keep one thing in mind that keep the attire simple so that you can add whatever you like to your outfit. If you wear the simplest ensembles, even wearing necklaces in the most flaring styles, you won’t be frowned upon.

    Another way to wear chunky jewelry is to pair them with elegant evening gowns or dresses. You may have noticed that celebrities would always choose to wear chunky necklaces to compliment their red carpet looks especially when they wear strapless evening gowns. Many famous designers also love to use chunky necklaces in their fashion shows. Thus, when you are going to attend a social gathering or an evening party, you can try these chic chunky necklaces to lighten your gorgeous evening gowns.

    In fact, chunky necklaces can be suitable for both formal and causal occasions. They can go well with either formal dresses or casual clothes. No matter whether you are a fashion addict or not, you can wear these over sized voluminous necklaces to make your own fashion statement.