Fashion Accessories

Wear a Hat With Style

If you are interested in wearing hats, my first suggestion is to go to a hat store wearing the type of clothes that you wear most. This is important because your new hat should accent your existing wardrobe, or a particular outfit for which it is bought.

Once in the store, think about your motivations for getting a hat. Is it for warmth? Style? Protection from the sun? Will it be worn indoors? Or outdoors? The answers to these questions will provide you with the information that can help you make a prudent purchase.

While there a many kinds of hats, the foremost consideration in wearing a hat should be the fit and comfort. If you don’t know your hat size, ask for a measurement. Depending on the material of the hat, it could have some flexibility. Ideally, your hat should never be too snug (which may cause headaches), or too loose (which may allow it to be blown away in slightly windy conditions).

I’d suggest trying on any hat that you consider buying even if you know your size because different designers tend to have a variation in fit due to stitching, use of material, manufacturing, or the band in the hat.

Once trying on the hat, it’s key that you select a hat which complements the shape of your face, and the width of your shoulders.

People who are slim with oval faces, tend to look best in what’s known as “skinny” brims, while those with more corpulent bodies, can wear wider brims with greater appeal.

Another consideration for slim, tall people, is to avoid hats which have elongated tops, such as top hats. They will make you look both taller, and skinnier. Such hats work better for shorter men.

Another consideration is the color of the hat. No other garment is situated as closely to your face as a hat; therefore, choosing hats which highlight the hues of your face is ideal for achieving greater allure. A quick trip to any make-up counter, and a conversation with a clerk will help reveal whether warm or cool colors look best next to your face.

Nothing changes the perception of a woman more than the right hat. With a wider range of styles and colors to choose from than men, women can create a stylish alter ego with the use of hats to showcase spunk, playfulness, attitude, flair, or sophistication.

Women, like men, must obey the same fashion rules when it comes to hats: the style of your hat, should match the style of the clothes. This rule will inevitably result in the need for several hats which can be worn in different circumstances.

While you are in the hat store, try on tons of hats. If you are not accompanied by anyone, ask the store clerk for feedback on how you look in various styles. They know what works – and what doesn’t.